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Tuesday 17 June 2014

Label Lust : Another 8...

Another 8 is a new fashion brand that we stumbled across a few weeks ago. We were ambling past The Boxpark in Shoreditch when we caught sight of a powder blue oversized blazer in the pop-up shop's window. The pastel hues drew us in and kick-started a whole host of ohhhs and ahhhhs from Middle Mouse and me!

Take Zara's colour palette and their clean, crisp, stark style and mix in some leather, studs, cutwork and BAM! Another 8 is born! 

This is highstreet with an edge - easy to wear fashion with chic finishes. The label's aim is to close the gap between run of the mill highstreet and high end design...and we think they've go it spot on!

Here are some of our favourite pieces that we very nearly purchased, only stopped by the fact that it was the day before pay day...but, now our salaries have landed and we're ready to spendddd!!!

Brooke Dress, £150

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