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Tuesday 10 June 2014

Best Dressed Wedding Guest...

If, like us, you're not feeling overly inspired by the summer fashion spread the high street is putting on right now, fear not it's not all doom and gloom.

We're in total agreement that it's not looking too inspirational at the regular hot spots - Zara is usually our fail saf
e option but otherwise after some rooting around we usually find H&M or Topshop hiding a few gems. Right now though, no one is ticking the boxes!! 
This became glaringly apparent while searching for the perfect wardrobe for my Italian getaway and, most importantly, while on the hunt for a summer wedding outfit. I hate the thought of arriving in the same dress as someone else and so usually try to avoid the wedding favourites, Coast and Reiss, and instead, I'm always on the look out for something a little bit unusual. 

I wanted something chic yet fashionable, summery but not too revealing and fun without being OTT! Challenge set, I went on the hunt.... 

I eventually found the one in the designer section of urban outfitters and as it was on the last chance rail, I took the gamble that nobody else at the wedding would have it! Thankfully I was safe, and all that scouting was worth it...

After such dramas, I think it's only fair to share the other wedding wear discoveries that I made along the way, especially in times of such limited inspiration! 

See out 3BM top finds below, happy shopping....


Lucia Dress Colada, $258

3 Floor
Sweet Something Dress, £128

Aloha Dress, $218

3 Floor
Mischief Lace Dress, £168

Ted Baker
Pin Tuck Tangerine Maxi, £208

Needle and Thread
Consellation Maxi Dress, £185

Finders Keepers

Strange Fire Playsuit, £132

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  1. This place is gorgeous, and they served really high quality food. Everyone raved about the sea bass fish course, and the steak with risotto was awesome.