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Friday 23 May 2014

This Week The Mice Have Mostly Been...

While you're reading this I'm relaxing by a pool surrounded by Tuscan's a tough life but it's all okay because for all of you it's Friday and not only that but also a...

*well it is in England, sorry very one else....

With a super hot weekend just gone, let's keep our fingers tightly crossed for another scorcher. Yes, it may bring out the pasty, beer-bellied men who insist on walking around topless but it also means we can discard our second skin black jeans and float around in pretty dresses with a glass of Prosecco or Pimms (or both) permanently in hand!

When we haven't been secretly performing a sun dance before bed each night...

This week the Mice have mostly been...

Swishing my new summery locks back and forth but in a slightly less energetic way to that of Willow Smith!

I felt it was the perfect time to get a fresh snip and jazz up the colour with more summery hues...that sort of hair PMA may just bring the long hot summer we always dream of!

With a whole host of London options before me, I finally decided to opt for an appointment at Pimps and Pinups in Shoreditch...slightly swayed by the light bulb mirrors and of course the very positive reports from Middle Mouse! It may appear daunting from the outside with the hip tattooed staff, cool music and laid back approach but don't be scared off! They are seriously good at what they do, offer you beer and wine on arrival instead of the usual luke-warm tap water and best of all, they have every magazine imaginable!

Goodbye rat tails and hello balayage blunt chop!

Three hours of ferocious backcombing later (this is how they get the natural faded look) after lots of magazine flicking and people watching, my new locks had arrived! Mr sunshine get your straw hat on because I'm officially ready...

Giggling like a typical bunch of girls and munching our way through far too much popcorn, ice-cream and sweets while watching The Other Woman. A couple of weekends ago we decided to head home and visit Daddy Mouse and in true teenage-style I gathered together Middle Mouse and my bestie Nikki to hit the cinema and watch a good girlie film!

It was the perfect, silly and what every girl wishes they could do to their idiot ex-boyfriends! With great casting of Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and Kate Upton, it'll have you laughing out loud and wanting to start that long overdue bikini diet immediately! They recreate those real life moments so well (especially the drunk ones) and it doesn't hurt that there's a seriously hot guy with a huge Hampton's beach house too!!

It's not going to win any awards, but it's definitely one to watch with the girls, - although with three gorgeous female leads, I don't think any boyfriends/ husbands would be complaining either.

Perfect feel good film for a rainy Sunday...although hopefully no more of those on the horizon!!!

Loving the new Ella Eyre track 'If I Go' and obsessively playing it over and over, so much so that Middle Mouse is already head over heels, and I suspect our neighbours are too!

We blogged about her amazingness a few months ago and despite playing her on repeat we still haven't tired of her super cool, upbeat tracks...our only complaint - we just want more to devour!

Well as if by magic one appears...

And that's it from us for another week, HAPPY WEEKEND!!!
The Mice 

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