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Thursday 13 March 2014

3BM Beauty: Eye Primers Tried & Tested

It's official I hate my short, stumpy eyelashes! For a good eight months I religiously paid for individual extension to be put on every 4 weeks, but in a bid to save myself from future bald eyelids I decided to give my lashes a break.

I have since conscientiously applied MyLash every evening after hearing glowing reports of how it simply changes your lash life and there is no need for falsies! However with your lash cycle being 16 weeks it is one I MUST be patient with! So far so good...but I will follow up fully with a before and after photo piece!

In the meantime whilst I am patiently growing my lashes like a good little gardener, I get to wear eyeliner again without feeling guilty. With extensions you shouldn't really get them wet so slathering them in makeup remover and wearing lots of eye makeup means your lash lifespan is dramatically reduced! So for the majority of the last year I've had to go a bit more natural with the eye make-up which wasn't an issue when I had long fluttery lashes. However, now that I'm short and stumpy once again, I'm free to go to town!

With that in mind I'm a bit of an eyeliner fiend - I love a precise line framing the eye with a little tick giving the eye a feline slant. However I hate nothing more than an eyelid imprint or an eyeliner that doesn't last the distance, cracking throughout the day.

Through plenty of trial and error, I've come to learn that the key to perfect eye make-up is the perfect primer. I've tried all different liners thinking that's the issue - from budget beauty Rimmel to higher end Bobbi Brown with the end result being that they all print regardless of how good or expensive they are if you don't have the right base.

So I went on my quest to find the best eye primer to prevent that awful  'I did my make up in the dark look'. 

Laura Mercier, £20.50

Both of the other mice herald this as the king of eye primers, so I thought I'd give it a go. It's best to apply this with your tinted moisturiser or foundation and then go and make a coffee / pick the day's outfit as this one needs a few minutes to dry before continuing with your make up routine.

However, the little extra fuss at the start of the day is more than worth it, by cocktail time this beauty had my make-up still firmly in place and looking pretty fresh - a little pricier but worth the price tag (plus the girls tell me a tube lasts forever!)

Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Primer - a snip at £5.99 

Claims to be 18 hour crease and smudge proof...however I found this one a bit hit and miss, if I wear with eyeliner alone, then 12 hours after applying it's still intact, my eyelids look a little shiny but it's not bad. If I use with eyeshadow and liner, there is creasing at the end of the day and the start of a black blur above my eye lid from the liner. Nothing major and definitely better than going au naturel but it isn't hardcore enough for my needs!

Benefit Stay Don't Stray, £20.50

When I tried this one I was convinced it would be a winner - I'm a massive fan of the brand and their You Rebel tinted moisturiser (although it's now discontinued so I've had to move over to the Hello Flawless  moisturiser which I still love!), POREfessional powder and Bad Gal mascara are make-up bag staples. However, by the time I got to the end of a manic day and finally looked in a mirror, my eyeshadow was majorly creased and my liner had rubbed off in places. I was a little disappointed, but I suppose Benefit can't win them all can they?! 

Urban Decay Primer Potion, $24

I liked the way this one goes on completely transparent - a great base and dries almost instantly as it has a mattifying consistency. This one also contains anti ageing ingredients with a guarantee of 24 hours crease free make up plus minimised wrinkles in 8 weeks!

By the end of a long day in the office my make-up hadn't shifted a jot - my eyeliner was as good as new and my eyeshadow was still very much in tact.

Clear winner on all fronts with the added bonus of anti ageing ingredients giving it those extra brownie points!

Here's hoping with a magic potion up my sleeve I can now achieve the perfect long lasting liner everyday...!

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