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Thursday 27 March 2014

Saturday Night Dalston Delights...

A Saturday night out in my opinion is still THE occasion of the week! I always anticipate its arrival and it embrace it like no other. 


...than shopping for shoes, and you know how much I love shoes!

Don't get me wrong, Friday you're pretty fantastic too - with you comes the ability to finally let my hair down and be free of early morning wake-up dread playing on your mind. But Saturday, oh Saturday is a whole other ball game! 

A Great Saturday night is best started with a quiet day to build the big night out excitement and leave you rested, refreshed and raring to go come the evening. That, my friends, is exactly what I did last Saturday.

As you know we're only just back from Barbados so were in dire need of a mini holiday reunion with glam outfits and dancing! Sadly we were one Barbados baby down so the holiday gang was incomplete, but we made up for that by arranging to see Vanessa the next day for brunch - drama negated!

We started the evening off with a light yet fairly beasting prawn and avocado salad washed down with a spot of Verve Champs thanks to honorary holiday sis, Katie. 

Post-nosh we all started to get ready slowly - I sometimes enjoy the Saturday prep n preen more than the actual night out itself... but only when it's done properly! Cue the 'going out' Spotify playlist, more alcohol and a whole lot of 'what do you think of this skirt with this top', 'does my hair have enough volume' and 'are my eyes smokey enough' kind of questions!

After much mirror-hogging, hair backcombing and eyelash curling we were ready to hit East London. First stop – Oslo. The Hackney Nordic-inspired variety not the Norwegian capital itself! The music-centric venue opened in doors last November and ever since Mini mouse and I have been itching to check it out – Scandinavia is cool right now don’t you know! The two-storey bar is housed in the former 1870s railway station building and boasts serious dark vibes with exposed brick walls, sky-high ceilings and low-hanging industrial lighting. By day it’s dubbed a ‘hub to meet and eat’ and by night it's the place to be seen with some seriously solid live music going on.


1A Amhurst Road, 



E8 1LL 
020 3553 4831

We stayed for a few Hendricks and tonics but found the atmosphere a little laid-back for a Saturday night so take note - more a Friday feeling kind of place. What we were really after was some cheesy fun-loving music to liven things up and with that in mind… off we popped to the one and only Birthdays in Dalston! A sure thing when it comes to music that makes you scream ‘OMG I looooooooooooove this song’. We’ve been a few times before and always wake up the next day reminiscing about the fun had – the number one sign of a good night out! 

This outing was no exception with great music, delicious lychee cocktails AND they even had a bandana themed party going on… what more could you want? Having not received the bandana memo in advance, we got crafty on the spot and made our own napkin creations… 

33-35 Stoke Newington Road
N16 8BJ

020 7923 1680

And of course to finish the evening off in true style, we snapped a booze-infused elevator pic on the way up to our flat...

Great night had by all - the countdown to Saturday is ON (and has been since this one ended)! 

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