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Monday 24 March 2014

Barbados UPDATED!

After countless Instagram and Twitter uploads, I think everyone has been fully aware that the London Mice have been on holiday! We apologise for all the smoasting, but it was just too good not to share with you all...every step of the way!

We're back...and consumed with holiday blues, but ready to share our 3BM finds...if a little begrudgingly!

Having been to Barbados four times before our obsession is pretty apparent, but we felt a fifth visit was in order just to make sure it's still as good as we remember and to check out any new additions! I can assure you it's still beautiful, crammed full of the most delectable food and officially still my happy place! How can you not love an island with a permanent back drop of this...

Sniff sniff...I miss it SO much!

So anyway...we've already parted with a whole heap of Barbados knowledge in our 2012 post, all still relevant but we of course have a few updates to jazz up your agenda!

Port St Charles Yacht Club is a new man made island jutting out into the azure ocean with stunning views of the west coast and naturally a glimpse into the life we all strive filled with super yachts, handsome sailors and champagne served on silver trays!

We were recommended to check this place out by good friends, and I'm so happy we did. We ended up spending three of our precious days lounging all day long at this amazingly relaxing sanctuary! There are some days when even silky soft Barbados sands can drive you a little metal! (Although I would gladly roll around in it covered in honey right now if offered the chance!)

As long as you have lunch you are welcome to use the loungers and pool all day free of charge, however I say skip the pool and take a running jump off the decking into the crystal water...that's what I did...Katie not so much!

If you're after a break from the beach, reasonably priced super tasty cocktails, chilled Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc and a finger licking good lunch, then I'm pretty confident I've found your true love...

You can't beat a good happy hour, but it's even better when it's at a super chic restaurant/bar (which is actually under the same group as The Ivy and Scott's) and set on a picture perfect beach! This beauty goes by the name of Daphne's.

We're yet to sample the dinner at Daphne's, however when we heard they do a happy hour every day from 5pm to 7pm, we were down there like a shot! They have the perfect setting on a cute, quiet beach perfect for a quick dip whilst you wait for your cocktails to arrive...which is exactly what we did!

I sampled a delicious Watermelon Martini and if the Zucchini Fritti are anything to go by, I'd say you're in for a treat for dinner as well!!

A huge pull to Barbados is not only the jaw dropping views surrounding you, but the unbelievable restaurants and food the island has to offer. To go all inclusive is a BIG shame, the food scene really is as good as it gets!

Now I have covered off all our favourites in my previous post...Tides, The Cliff, The Mews, Cariba...the list goes on BUT this year we thought we would check out Cin Cin By The Sea. It opened in 2011 but was a newbie to us (we haven't been back since then) and has been mentioned a fair few times to us so we thought why not check it out!

As the name the suggests it is set with views across the ocean, I definitely think it would more spectacular as a lunch spot, when it's dark it's mainly the sound of lulling water that gives it's location away rather than a view itself. However the website gallery shows what you miss with a dinner reservation...

The decor is very white and sleek - I can imagine Coleen Rooney pays a few visits on her holidays, and the food was delicious. I had the oxtail, mushroom and white truffle risotto to start, followed by seared salmon in banana butter with roasted garlic mash. I love the unusual flavour combinations that the menu encompasses, really offering something different to other restaurants on the island. The only disappointment was the lack of atmosphere, we were there mid week with a 9:30pm reservation and it already appeared that service was wrapping up.

Not quite up there with our originals, but definitely one I would go back to for lunch to really soak up that view and sample a few more of their delectable creations!

So that's our Mice updates for another year...we're all so sad it's over but boy did we have another fun Bajan adventure! Keep your eyes peeled for one last Barbados post later this week, full of all our holiday snaps to say one final farewell!!!

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