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Monday 17 February 2014

L'Occitane Love...

You'll all be aware by now that us Mice are suckers for a good beauty product and especially when the brand in question is L'Occitane! It's February, it's cold and all we really need in out lifes right now is a glimmer of sunshine. Well I've only got a few weeks to wait until I'll be on holiday soaking up the real thing BUT until then it's all about looking after my skin and making myself the best version of me possible! Thanks to L'Occitane I've had a weekend full to the brim of pampering and I feel buffed, polished and raring to tackle the week ahead. So what did I indulge in...?  

First up the Ultra Soft Body Cream Duo - £42 for the set or £18 for one

Hot off the body butter shelf this month, we have the Ultra Soft Body Cream Duo. Back in the day (wow I sound ancient), I was a little obsessed with the Body Shop body butters but gone are those days thanks to this set of luxurious gorgeousness! With three scents to choose from - Rose Heart, Vanilla Bouquet and Zesty Lime - there's one for every occasion! My personal fav has to be the rose - rich, subtle and sweet just like me! 

Shea Nail & Cuticle Nourishing Oil - £12

Good things come in small packages, and that saying is certainly true when it comes to this little beauty secret! First thing to note is the nourishing shea oil fragrance - you know that indescribable scent of every baby's head? Well this is what it smells like - clean, sweet and delicate. Simply gorgeous!

It's also easy to apply and control with a brush tip end that allows you to get into every nail nook. The end result feels super nourishing and not in the least bit greasy. When it comes to nails, I'm one of those girls who feels naked without them painted so it's important to invest in a stellar product that keeps your nails continuously moisturised and looked after - this is that product ladies!

La Collection de Grasse - Neroli & Orchidee - £49

I feel very lucky as this beautiful fragrance isn't actually launching until March so I'm one of the first to try it! Boasting neroli essence from Tunisia and white orchid from Madagascar with notes of orange, peach and iris dancing through. Everything about this scent is elegant from the rose pink tint of the perfume itself to the dainty gold rope detailing wrapped around the nape of the bottle.   

Sit back and prepare to be mesmerised by this collection video...

Fabulous Oil - £29
Last but by no means least (I actually think this product is my favourite of the lot), I present the Fabulous Oil. The name of this product really tells you all you need to know. I first read about it whilst flicking through a copy of Grazia on my way to New York and I was sold in an instant - apparently all the Fashion Week models are using it as it gives skin that dewy hot to trot look. 

I can report that Grazia is indeed spot on. Additionally, if you're sick and tired of the recent bipolar weather we've been experiencing and your skin is suffering the effects of being battered by the wind and rain then this oil is the answer to all your problems. It really will have your skin smooth and silky soft in no time. It also smells the same as the nail nourishing oil above - just can't get enough of this baby!

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