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Wednesday 29 January 2014

Ham & Sherry Hong Kong

Straddling the East and West as we do in Hong Kong, you get pretty pro when it comes to celebrating a new year. At the start of the month we all tipsily toasted the start of the new Gregorian calendar year and now as we slither towards the end of the Year of the Snake and canter into the Year of the Horse, we’re  merrily looking forward to welcoming the start of the Chinese New Year. 

Of course, the end of January will also be our cue to raise a glass to Tet in Vietnam and Seollal in Korea. And then before we know it, it’ll be April and we’ll be busy ringing in Sonkran in Thailand, Thingyan in Myanmar and Chaul Chnam Thmey in Cambodia…

Frankly it’s impossible to keep up. Which is why we’ve cunningly devised a calendar of our very own… A calendar based around what we’ll be filling our glasses with when we toast each of the many anniversaries filling up our diary… The Great Booze Calendar.

Last year was the Year of the Gin (Origin and G&T opening within a couple of months of each other can only be down to Hong Kong’s collective thirst for the juniper juice). And this year is… drumroll please… The Year of the Sherry.

Yes, you heard right, sherry’s shrugging off its granny shawl for 2014, and will be filling up the glasses of all the most beautiful people around town. Of course Michelin-starred Jason Atherton, and Entrepeneur extroaordinaire, Yenn Wong, are ahead of the rest of us on this one, and have just unveiled the perfect spot to get your sherry fix, the very aptly named Ham& Sherry

Set a few doors down from its elder brother, 22 Ships, Ham & Sherry looks perfectly at home on uber-cool Ship Street decked out as it is in a patchwork of blue and white tiles and mirrored walls wrapped around a large stainless steel open kitchen.

The menu is pretty Sherry heavy, with over fifty types to work your way through, complemented by a short but sweet selection of tapas to soak up all that fortified wine. If you feel slightly overwhelmed leafing through the weighty tome of Sherries, fear not there’s a super helpful section which neatly guides you through the list. We figure finding your perfect Sherry is sort of like finding your prince, if at first you kiss a frog, try and try again, we guarantee Mr Charming is just around the corner (ours is the super slinky La Cigarrera Manzanilla FYI…).

While there’s just a handful of tapas dishes to nibble while you sup your sherry, food definitely isn’t playing second fiddle here. Just think of the Ham & Sherry menu as a carefully curated selection of Spain’s Greatest Hits. All the big boys are represented, think: Paella Arancini (chorizo-spiked balls of risottoey heaven), jamon and goats cheese croquettes, salt and pepper baby squid and bright green, salty, fried padron peppers. Oh, and did we mention the ham?! Sherry’s soulmate, the salty, buttery Jamon provides the perfect partner to your tipple. We can’t get enough of the 48 month-aged Jamon Iberico de Bellota, and the Chorizo and Lomo and pretty great too.

Sherry got you revved up and ready to party like it’s 1999? Maybe mention to your friendly waiter that you’d like to shake things up with a little something in the Back Bar... We’ve been sworn to secrecy so we’ll leave it at that, but rest assured you’ll leave a few hours later feeling like all your New Years have come at once…

Ham & Sherry
1-7 Ship Street

Hong Kong

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