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Thursday 9 January 2014

Get Fit, Get Fabulous...

So as you may have read yesterday in our 2014 resolutions post, one of mine is to get bikini fit. Not overly unusual but one I am deadly serious about. I want to feel good, healthy and a lot less tired and lethargic than I did in 2013.

I'm not going to start any crazy crash diets or promise not to drink, as I want this to be an ongoing change, so it needs to be realistic. So I've decided to go back to basics - eat healthily, cut out refined carbs as much as possible and strictly no chocolate or crisps. That paired with regular exercise should be a good basis and I swear to swap large glasses of wine for gin & slime line tonics! I may step this up closer to Barbados beach o'clock in March but for January this is my plan.

If, like me, the gym can be a laborious task mixed with slight fear and something akin to a rabbit in the headlights, then 3BM has just the solution for you.

If cash is no issue then I obviously highly recommend a gym trainer, firstly there is no greater motivation than a hot toned man to get you to the gym but most importantly they push you, make you do exercises you'd never dream of doing alone and give you the comfort of being in the capable hands of somebody who knows their stuff.

However, if like me you currently can't afford another monthly outgoing on top of gym membership, then you simply need to download the Nike Training App 
to your phone. It's basically like having a gym trainer everywhere you go with all sorts of workouts designed for you at the tap of a Smartphone. 

Firstly you select the type of work out you want: 

- Get Lean (to slim down)
- Get Toned (to get defined)
- Get Strong (to build your strength) or 
- Get Focused (shorter 15 minute workouts to target specific areas)

You then select your level - beginner, intermediate or advanced, and select your workout within there. There are pictures, videos and details of how each exercise should be carried out, it can be set to music and either followed manually step-by-step or played through your earphones like an instructor telling you what to do and when to start and stop!

I'm literally obsessed with Get Focused workouts, with names like 'Bikini Legs', 'Alpha Abs' and 'Better Butt' it's all the inspiration I need to get my resolution going!

As always changing your eating is the easier part and having professional gym workouts at your fingertips is half the battle, however actually getting yourself to the gym is much much trickier! So I thought I'd end with some inspiration to get fit and most certainly fabulous...!

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