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Friday 13 December 2013

This Week The Mice Have Mostly Been...

With only 11 days until Christmas our Mice brains are practically bursting at the seams with last minute to-do lists and panic purchases! We're all pretty much there but it's always the last few bits that seem to drag on don't you find?

As you'll have probably guessed from the opening paragraph, This Week The Mice Have Mostly been... festive focussed...

Feeling well and truly Christmas partied out and we're only on 13th December! This week has been packed with lashings of client lunches, drink receptions and a killer work party! By night i'm a keen blogger but by day I'm a PR gal and let me tell you that when it comes to parties we know how to throw a rip-roarer! So Wednesday evening was the night it all happened. The theme was 'movies' so everyone was expected to rise to the occasion and come dressed as their favourite film characters. The party took place at the London Film Museum on the South Bank - cue red carpet, flash bulbs, champagne and tons of film memorabilia. So who stole the fancy dress crown? Well my costume was pretty inspired even if I do say so myself...

Yep i'm Ariel from the Little Mermaid!

Other favourites included Ali G...

John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson from Pulp Fiction...

Cruella de Vil...

BUT the clear queen of fancy dress had to go to Lauren AKA The Mad Hatter - spectacular effort!

Desperately trying to find the perfect office Secret Santa gift for the tricky budget of £10! It ends up being one of the hardest to tick off your list as you don't want to get something rubbish in case it's traced back to you, but it's also glaringly obvious when you've broken the can barely get a bag of pick and mix for that these days!

Unfortunately I can't divulge what I opted for in the end, it is meant to be 'secret' after all, however I thought a few ideas I stumbled across along the way may be of some help or inspiration!!!

Rob Ryan mug, £8.49

A mug pleases everyone as surely anything is better than drinking from a work paper cup?! It just so happens this one is super cute as well...!

Colour Me Swooooon Book, £9.99
Every girls dream - a book full of hot celebrities to colour in! 

Penis Pokey Book, £7.99

What better way to embarrass the boy next to you at work, than with a Penis Pokey book?!

The type of delights in store for him...!!!!

Mavala Diamond Duo, £9.00

One of our favourite nail varnish brands in fabulous festive shades...

Rusty The Fox Lunchbox, £4.95
Who could dislike such a sweet little fox?! Plus the best way to ensure no one steals your lunch...everyone will spy Rusty a mile off!!

Jewelled iPhone 5 Case, £10

Definitely one for the girls but you can't go wrong with a bit of bargainous Christmas bling...

Novelty USB Stick, £3.73
The perfect present for the office geek, plug him into the computer and just watch...!

We'll leave you pondering on that one...have a lovely weekend!

The Mice x

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