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Tuesday 17 December 2013

Devonshire Gems...

So, as you'll know if you follow us on Instagram or read our Devon round-up a couple of weeks ago, us Mice took ourselves off to the country for a long weekend full to the brim of relaxation, long walks, pub grub and lashings of red wine! We invited ourselves to Cousin Andrew's cottage in Topsham, South Devon. A perfect picturesque spot - see for yourself...

So what did we get up to? Well we have three little gems to share with you, if you ever venture to this part of the country make sure that you check out these beauties and say hello to the lovely people behind each one for us...

First up, The New Inn - a charming little boozer in a sleeping village called Moreleigh - think Rosehill Cottage in the film 'The Holiday' and you're pretty much there! The pub boasts a friendly landlord, Jeremy, the world's most attentive barmaid, Neets and Chef extraordinaire, Bridget.

The New Inn is packed full to the rafters with character, alive with locals and serves up Hendricks - what more could you ask for?! The food is pretty darn tasty too - the menu of home-cooked, comfort classics is small but perfectly formed - steaks, lamb chops and steak and kidney pie on Sundays. Each comes with a side of chunky chips, mushrooms and garden peas. Be warned, once you've experienced this calibre of pub it's pretty hard to go back to the mundane!

New Inn pub
01548 821326

Next up a deli to die for - Avon Mill. Housed in a stunning restored stone barn boasting mouth-watering treats that will keep you browsing until Christmas... 

So what treats did we pick up? Well the bowls and bowls of lip-smackingly good olives were too hard to resist. We also snapped up some of the freshly baked glazed-pastries, salted caramel sauce for ice cream (wow) and a little Christmas pud sent from heaven! We had to stop somewhere so sadly said no to the many chutneys, honey, homemade cakes and organic juices - next time! 

The deli manager, Julie deserves a big shout out too - lovely, always smiling, knowledgeable and not in the least bit pushy (my biggest bug bear). Every village needs an Avon Mill!

Avon Mill Deli
01548 550338

And last but by no means least, the magnificently brilliant Simon Drew! A trip to Devon wouldn't be the same without a stop-off at his shop in Dartmouth. As a family, we've all been obsessed with Simon and his quirky and ever so witty pen and ink illustrations ever since I can remember. 

Simon has an in-store studio where you can watch him work while you shop - if you ask very nicely he'll show you what he's working on - always a treat! We did just that and chatted to him for at least half an hour and were hanging on his every word...!

Simon Drew
13 Foss St, 
01803 832832

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