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Wednesday 13 November 2013

No need to Go Naked...Unreal Fur

As we shiver into November and the temperature plummets even further, we're desperately trying to come up with ways to stay snug while trying to avoid looking like snowmen... Uggs and puffer jackets may keep the chill out but they definitely aren't fashion fabulous.

When faced with these sorts of dilemmas we think the best way to navigate your way through is to ask yourself what would Carrie Bradshaw do? So...WWCBD?  

Which would appear to suggest that the path to cosy chic is fur... But doesn't the mere mention of fur immediately bring to mind five naked supermodels and a giant tug at your morals?

So what's a freezing fashionista to do? 

Step up Fearne Cotton and Laura Whitmore with the answer...Unreal Fur.

This Australian faux fur specialist makes gorgeous, luxey jackets and gilets which give you the look and feel of fur without the cruelty factor. Oh, and did we mention the price tags are also pretty cruelty free? Faking it has never been easier...

So where can you snap up your slice of furry fabulousness?! Well, you can shop Unreal Fur on their online store or via ASOS, My Wardrobe, Cavan and Shopbop. Here are a few of our favs...






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