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Tuesday 8 October 2013

New Season Bags - Sophie's Choice

Autumn's well and truly set in now and we suddenly find ourselves with the uncontrollable urge to accessorise... Yesterday we brought you a whole lot of boot lust and today we're onto bags... 

We can only imagine that it has something to do with the fact that this time of year used to mean back to school time. The going back to the classroom part was obviously rubbish, but there was one little upside - the bright shiny silver-lining of a new school term was a whole raft of new things...  There were the brand new pencil cases filled with brand new stationery; the brand new school shoes and of course, most importantly the brand new school bag.

I liked to think of my new bag as a declaration of who I was going to be that school year. Was I going a bit brit pop with a record bag? More old school with a satchel? Or maybe a bit of skater-girl courtesy of a Janssen rucksack? 

So to bring that new year dilemma into 2013, we've fallen hard for two bag brands and we're having a very tough time making the call between which girl we're deciding to be this season. The designers are coincidentally both called Sophie but the looks are poles apart. 

So, are we going to go sleek and sophisticated with a the stylishly simple Sophie Hulme...

Sophie Hulme
... or channel our Gypset side with a touch of Sophie Anderson's colour-popping, louche luxe?

Sophie Anderson

Completely impossible to choose, no?! So choose we won't... we're grown-ups (ahem!) with credit cards, we'll just take both...

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