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Tuesday 10 September 2013

Oh là là...

As Audrey Hepburn once said 'Paris is always a good idea'...

And I for one do not disagree! 

So when an email dropped into my inbox last week about Eurostar returns for £59 my heart skipped a beat and I spent the next few hours day dreaming back to our sister New Year Parisian adventure. Definitely the highlight of 2012 and a great start to was my first visit and I left dying to stay with much more we hadn't had time to see, taste and explore! So as you can imagine this was enough to make me round up the girls and get our next trip booked in quick smart!

Don't miss out, there are seats still up for grabs from October until December - but be p
repared to travel before rush hour to get these bargain prices, head straight to the site
here and get booking!

As always we are Mice who like to have a plan to avoid missing out...this isn't totally underway just yet, however I already know a few options that will definitely make the short list and that's without any research...

1. Le Chateaubriand Restaurant - ranked number 15 in the world's top 50 restaurants with a tasting menu for just €60

2. Bar Le Coq for spot on cocktails against a chic 70's backdrop - Paris wardrobe at the ready girls! 

3. Cocktails at Hotel Costes - we stopped by for drinks on our last and fell head over heals in love, the decor is simply beautiful - traditionally chic with luxurious colours and fabric, cosily lit with an atmosphere which instantly ignited a feeling of comfort and happiness! 3 Bad Mice HEAVEN! 

4. Our most memorable meal was definitely at Verjus on New Years Eve where we devoured the most scrumptious food I have ever tasted! SO when I read about the new Verjus Sandwich menu, it was instantly added to my 'Paris To Do' list! If dinner was anything to go by it is a definite must! €15 gets you  a sandwich, dessert and beverage - forget a soggy BLT, these are serious sandwiches! Pick from three options: Braised pork belly, steamed Chinese buns and hoisin sauce; fried chicken, cabbage slaw and shallots with a spicy mustard vinaigrette or braised pork shoulder, garlic mayo with coriander and chilies in a grilled baguette!

And some amazing blogs I will be making my way through to hunt out all those hidden gems...

10 Days In Paris
Paris by Mouth
The Hip Paris Blog 

I cannot wait to be back and be surrounded by the amazing beauty that is Paris...

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