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Tuesday 1 October 2013

From Catwalk to Sidewalk: Ballerina Shoes

As much as we love fashion month and spending endless hours on Style pouring over every minute detail of all the runway shows, it does often make us wish we could just fast forward six months to the day that the collections actually hit stores (or the day that Zara is stocked with homages to the collections that us Mice can actually afford...). This year though we've been looking at the catwalks through new eyes. Thank to fashion DIY superstars who showcase their creations on their blogs (we're thinking A Pair & A Spare, Honestly WTF and Stripes & Sequins) we've got to thinking that with a needle and thread and a little time and patience, not only can we save a few pennies, but we can also have catwalk fresh trends right now... win win!

We're working up to projects involving sewing and cutting things but we spied one trend that involves nothing more than a bit of tying... be-ribboned ballerina-esque shoes.

There were dainty criss-crosses at Marchesa...

...and Marissa Webb.

But the ones we're really obsessing over and luckily for us, the far easier ones to DIY, were the proper ballet ribbons at Lanvin...

...and Alberta Ferretti.

We're totally head over ballerina heels!

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So I had a little go at DIYing and this really couldn't be simpler... Take one pair of courts and two lengths of ribbon or two skinny scarves. Loop the ribbon/ scarf under the heel and wrap round your ankle before tying it in a bow. Et Voila, an Alberta Ferretti/ Lanvin-esque be-ribbonned, ballerina shoe! Taking photos of your own feet is notoriously tricky, especially with an iPhone so this isn't the best shot, but it gives you the idea...

Now I just need to buy ribbons and scarfs to match all my shoes...

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