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Friday 16 August 2013

This Week The Mice Have Mostly Been...

Another week has sped on by with absolutely no time to mourn holiday blues, our crazy routines are firmly back in place! Days lazing by the pool feel like a lifetime ago, well for the London Mice it does anyway... it's quite a different picture 5,995 miles away...! HK Mouse has been basking poolside with jaw-dropping views and stunning sunsets whilst we're battling the muggy / showery British weather and playing shoe roulette each day before work...flip flops or boots! 
I know which view I would opt for! 

When we haven't been day dreaming of another life, this week the Mice have mostly been...
Munching away for a joint birthday celebration at Back in 5 Minutes, on Brick Lane. If you aren't familiar with this restaurant then you're forgiven as it's slightly more discreet than your normal eatery! Brought to us by the team behind Disappearing Dining Club, Back in 5 Minutes is located in the equivalent of a clothes shop's stock room!
Make sure you head for the bagel shop end of Brick Lane, look out for number 224, and basically once you see the only store that hasn't shut up shop, you'll know you're there! Once inside you're led to a curtain at the back, behind which you will find the charming restaurant!
Image via
Think a candle-lit cubby, full to the brim of vintage mismatched crockery, old school chairs and tonnes of character and atmosphere. If you're after something quirky then this is your answer! 
We opted for the four course menu for £35 which included...a Grey Goose Le Fizz as round one, followed by a starter, main course and dessert - all of which you choose from three options. I opted for the sea bream to start, lamb rump, aubergine and cous cous with a harissa yogurt sauce followed by a scrumptious cheese board. Every course as good as the last with great care and expertise applied in terms of the mix of flavours, quality of ingredients and presentation.
Super tasty, unusual and a good choice if you want to impress or simply if you're bored with the same old options!  
Lusting after the gorgeous Stella McCartney pieces from her underwear range that I just happened to stumble across whilst doing my weekly ASOS peruse! If we're honest I think pretty much everyone has their everyday (usually M&S) underwear and then their more limited special pieces...which get far less wear than they should! 
The constant hand washing is a slight inconvenience, but as they is pain! We have to be loyal to trusty M&S but there should always be a reason to splash out, if these aren't reason enough I don't know what is?!
Image via, Bra £65 & Knickers £35
Image via, Bra £42 & Knickers £21
Image via, Bra £95 & Knickers £55
Image via, Bra £85 & Knickers £24
Slathering on as much moisturiser as humanly possible in hope to eek out my tan and fight the scale skin that skinny jeans guarantee for a little longer! After treating my skin to hourly top-ups of suncream whilst on holiday, I think it is only fair to remain dedicated and at least continue with a morning and evening application. However when it comes to body moisturisers I am not easily pleased! It can't be too thin or too perfumed as this dries out your skin, but  also not too thick or slow drying as this is impractical for my efficient morning routine and lastly, because I'm applying it by the bucket-load, it can't be too expensive!
At last, I've found the one that ticks all the boxes...Korres Body Milk. A Greek brand which uses only natural ingredients, sourcing oils and herbal infusions locally and boasting eco-friendly production techniques using renewable energy! So you can merrily apply safe in the knowledge that your moisturiser is not only friendly to your skin, but also to the environment! 
We're currently obsessed with the Basil Lemon...
Image via
However check out the full range on the website as the likes of Vanilla Cinnamon, Fig or Bergamot Pear might take your fancy! If like me you'd rather spend a good hour smelling all the different options then head into Liberty London for the full range! 

While over in Hong Kong...

Figuring out ways to go out and stay dry as the rain hammers down UK-style... After last weekend was wall-to-wall sunchine and blue skies it was probably only fair that this week we got our fair share of rain. And when it rains in Hong Kong, it goes for it big time. This week a Typhoon 8 whipped through the harbour which meant all our offices closed for the day but also meant soggy stilettos for anyone brave enough to try to venture out. This weekend has long lie-ins and September Issues written all over it, but as the rain promises to hang around for the foreseeable future, I'm working out how to fill my diary with fun while dodging the downpours. Top of my list right now? Next Tuesday's Secret Walls Round 1....


We're talking: white walls, black markers and a tattoo artist and illustrator going head to head in the artiest battle that Hong Kong's ever seen... Sound intriguing? Snap up your tickets pronto, it's guaranteed to be a sell-out....

And that's it for another week! Happy Weekend!
The Mice


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  2. Didn't know Stella McCartney had an underwear collection until I saw this post! So pretty!! Just ordered a cami set :)