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Tuesday 13 August 2013

On the 3BM iPod: Phlo Finister

We can't remember the last time we raved about a new R&B artist... the 90s?! But while our latest music crush may channel a little Aaliyah here and a dash of SWV there, she generally delivers a fresh new twist on R&B. We're talking suped-up, etheral, R&B noir.

Phlo Finister is bringing us grown-up R&B for the twenty tens.

We stumbled across Phlo's new EP, Poster Girl, recently and we've been obsessed ever since. There's little to no information out there about her at the moment, but we predict huge things for this girl. Watch this space...

Phlo Finister - Hotel Miami

Phlo Finister - Bang Bang

Phlo Finister - Coca Cola Classic

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