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Thursday 11 July 2013

Total Blow Out: Air Play Hong Kong

Any day now the Royal stork is going to swoop in and drop the brand new Prince or Princess.

Until then, Kate Middleton and her swishy, glossy, gorgeous hair are taking a well-deserved break from the pages of Hello! and Grazia.

Until then, there's a gap in the market for Queen of the swishy, glossy, gorgeous hair brigade, and I'm pretty keen to make sure I take my best shot at the crown....

Unfortunately, as the heat rises and the humidity reaches mega fuzz levels, looking like you've just stepped out of the salon 24/7 becomes near impossible. All of which makes the likelihood of my tresses looking anything other than sweaty, lank and frizzy pretty much nil. Or so I thought...

On a particularly sweltering day a couple of weeks ago, as I was hurrying around Central, I spied a sign for Airplay Blow Dry Bar. I've been banging on for months about the fact that Hong Kong's lacking a blow dry hot spot along the lines of London's Hersheson's and the US's Dry Bar, so within seconds of spying the sign, I'd called up and was booked in to give Airplay a whirl. 


Situated directly above the buzzing nightlife of Wyndham Street, Airplay takes the 'bar' in dry bar pretty literally... A handful of bar stool-esque white leather cube chairs stand in a row along a long white counter which runs the length of the salon. Bottles with stainless steel pourers sit behind the bar and as you settle into your seat you're presented with a rack of shot glasses.

Fear not though, you're not going to leave Airplay wasted - these aren't obligatory tequila shots, but a selection of shampoos from which you can choose. As I'd just had a Brazilian Blowout (I told you I was seious about that hair crown...) I opt for the all-natural Nature's Gate Shampoo.

Just before I'm whisked off to get my hair washed, I'm presented with a glass of Rosé Champagne and a big pink book - the Airplay Lookbook. The Lookbook is just a guide to the styles that Airplay's blow dry pros can create and in keeping with the bar theme, each style is named after a cocktail. Will I opt for the Mojito (a head full of crazy curls), the Long Island Iced Tea (sleek, straight locks) or the Sea Breeze (beachy, relaxed waves). In the end I ask for a take on the Kamikaze - I'm after sleek hair with a bit of a volume boost and a touch of flicky Kate-ness.

Then it's time to scoot over to the comfy sink area for my hairwash complete with heavenly head masage. When I return to my spot, a plateful of cookies and macarons have joined my glass of Champagne. As the girls comb my hair, I sit back nibbling my chocolate and raspberry macaron between sips of Champagne while watching Project Runway - does getting your hair done get any better?!

Half an hour of hot air and magazine flicking later, it's time for the big reveal...
I think my crazed expression is evidence that I'm a little bit pleased with the results...


With a couple of spritzes of Morroccon Oil hairspray, I'm dispatched back out onto Wyndham Street to show off my brand new swishy hair over a couple more cocktails.

Airplay is the perfect spot for a little pre-night out pampering, a girly catch-up or even an early morning pick-me-up to get you big meeting ready. One thing's for certain, Kate better step her game up...

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