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Monday 8 July 2013

3BM at Home: Sun, Pimms and Family (minus one mouse!)...

A perfect weekend for us Mice (especially after a non stop holiday partying) is a visit home to see Daddy Mouse (DM for ease!). He still lives in our childhood house and other than a new flat screen TV and a lick of paint it's pretty much as us Mice left it! My room is still sunshine yellow, with a gingham duvet cover and my first ever bottle of Chloe still sits on my dressing table!

Since we've packed up and moved to London and Hong Kong, DM spoils us all rotten when we return home! Gone are the arguments of how we continuously pack the dishwasher incorrectly...nowadays as soon as we've polished off the last morsel of our meals our plates are whisked away before we can even move! The beauty of the distance and it making the heart grow fonder hey?!

This particular weekend, us London Mice zipped home to accompany DM to his Golf Summer Ball and it just so happens that summer did actually finally decide to arrive just in time for the ball! The first thing I do whenever I arrive home is run to the frdige and have a little snoop...this weekend my snoop revcealed that we were in luck! It was stocked full with champagne, Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, BBQ food, fresh juice and M&S picky food, all our fav things - olives, mozzarella, houmous...he knows us too well!!

Friday night kicked off with Champagne and a BBQ in the garden followed by an early night...PERFECT!!!

The next morning, after breakfast and tea in the garden I settled down for a morning of blogging and possibly some sneaky Internet shopping!

However of course this soon became too tiring and the hammock was too alluring...

There was only one thing for it, an afternoon of...


And of course we had a few Pimms breaks as well!!

With our energy fully restored, it was time to get dressed for DM's Summer Ball and we thought what better way to raise an eyebrow or two than neon at the golf club!!!

After a night of spinning one another around the dance floor and a few too many G&T's, another day of pure relaxation was in store whilst taking it in turns to run inside and check the Wimbeldon score!! WELL DONE MURRAY!!! 

Finally a perfect weekend was all topped off by the best thing about being at DM's....a home cooked Sunday roast...YUM YUMMMM!!

AND now it's back to the reality of the daily hoo hoooooo!

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  1. Looks like a lovely weekend. Nothing beats gong home!