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Wednesday 29 May 2013

If You Like It Then You Should Have Put A Pin In It...

We're Three Bad Mice, and we have a confession to make... we're Pinaholics!

If you suspect that you may be too, take this short quiz to find out the truth...

1. Do you lose time from work due to pinning?
2. When you wake up in the morning do you have an instant urge to pin?
3. Have you ever had large blocks of time pass in a blur as a result of pinning?
4. Do you pin to escape from worries or troubles?
5. Do you pin alone?

Answered yes to two or more of these questions? Welcome to the club! You have a Pinterest addiction bordering on the obsessive...  

Answered no to all of the above? Or even (whisper it) haven't even heard of Pinterest before? 

What is wrong with you??? 

Seriously, you need to get yourself over to Pinterest and sign up immediately!

Pinterest has just kicked off its Pin It Forward UK Campaign - a month long chain of posts from 300 bloggers preaching about the joys of pinning in a bid to convert as many non-pinners as possible... So here's our love letter to our favourite way to while away every last spare second (and more than a few non-spare seconds when we should really be blogging/doing chores/working)...

For the uninitiated, Pinterest is basically a fabtastically amazing, virtual scrapbook. Use it to compile your summer wardrobe shopping list; use it to keep you motivated to get your lazy butt into the gym every morning; or just use it to gather together anything and everything that's pretty, glittery or unicorn related...  

We've been Pinterest obsessed for far too long! We blogged about it last year and since then our love has gone from strength to strength. We now have a board where we pin mouthwatering things we want to eat, a board where we pin far flung places on our travel to do list and a board where we pin photographs that make us want to grab our SLRs and get snap happy...

But by far our favourite, is our 3BM Words board. This is where we pin quotes, typography and random musings that inspire us, make us laugh or just make even the darkest, greyest days a bit more sparkly. So, just in case today is ranking a little on the drab side for you, here are a handful of our word pins that'll hopefully give you a bit of much needed bounce...



Fancy joining in the fun? Head over to Pinterest and sign up here.

Lastly, thank you to the very lovely Charlotte of The Tea Drinking English Rose for the super sweet Pin It Forward introduction yesterday. 

And now it's our total pleasure to introduce tomorrow's Pin It Forward blogger, fitness goddess, Julia, of the awesome Julia's Fitness Blog. Hop over to her Pinterest profile for some serious fitspiration!

Happy Pinning!
The Mice 

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  1. Sorry, only just spotted your link to my blog. Thanks so much ladies! Love your blog too - added to my reader. xx