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Friday 19 April 2013

This Week The Mice Have Mostly Been...

Another week bites the dust! 

Over the last seven days in Miceland there's been plenty of eating, drinking and shopping 'for the blog', the usual deluge of work and in Hong Kong lots and lots of house hunting. Somehow it seems that we're almost in May which means not only (fingers crossed) a turn in the weather, but also the end of my lease. Cue the never ending stress-fest of finding a new place to live and trying to get everything you own into boxes, ferried safely across the city and then back out of the boxes again... I'm still firmly in the hunting stage which has been a depressing blur of flats roughly the size of a standard wardrobe... Unfortunate given that my shopping habit has lead to the need for a much larger than standard wardrobe. I do also sort of need somewhere to put a bed, somewhere to cook and somewhere to shower... it seems you can't have everything. I'm generally trying to distract myself from this depressing state of affairs by Pinning immaculate designer interiors of flats bigger than anything that's ever existed in Hong Kong and trying to think of something suitably awesome to have written in neon on my imaginary new walls so that I can get one of these gorgeous Eclectic Cool neon boxes made...

Aside from that, this week the Mice have mostly been...

Dreaming of jumping on a plane and heading away from the incessant drizzle and greyness to the Thai beach where I spent Easter. 

Sadly I'm well aware that it's going to be a while until I'm back beach bumming so I've been consoling myself by finishing off my holiday reads. This trip had a vague, coincidental feminist theme which is quite topical given the neverending Lean In debate... Here's a quick canter through what's been occupying my grey matter for the last couple of weeks:

How to Be A Woman - Caitlin Moran
Witty, hilarious and unashamedly honest. Covering everything from horrific hen parties to Jordan as well as touching on more controversial and serious issues like abortion. I've loved Caitlin Moran's writing since I devoured her first novel, The Chronicles of Narmo, aged 11. This is truly one of the best books I've read in a long time, I really can't recommend it enough.

Just Kids - Patti Smith
This account of singer-songwriter, Patti Smith's, relationship with her first love, the photographer, Robert Mapplethorpe, is a beautiful, poetic memoir of New York in the sixties and seventies. In short, a cast of Rock & Roll stars, poets and artists all living in bohemian squalor are trying to work out who they are and where they're going against the backdrop of a city humming with electric promise. This book is really a love letter to enduring friendship, while also pulling you in and transporting you back to a world where bumping into Janis Joplin and putting the world to right with Allen Ginsberg was just another day...

Lace - Shirley Conran
Pure unadultered escapist froth but with a nice little feminist edge! The perfect beach read! I bagged my copy while zipping through an airport a couple of months ago and had no idea that it was first published 21 years ago until I started reading. Don't let that put you off, it isn't at all dated and is a brilliant romp from Swiss finishing schools to French Chateaus with plenty of Christian Dior and glittering New York society in between. I raced through my copy and was genuinely sad to have got to the last page.

Shopping up a storm at the uber-cool Cameo Pop-Up Shop. If you haven't discovered Cameo yet, let us introduce you to what is about to become your newest fashion crush...Started three years ago by Norwegian duo, Tale and Pernille, Cameo was born out of a shared love of 70s style - think Lauren Hutton and Sharon Tate - and the desire to create a line that sits somewhere between disposable highstreet fashion and wallet draining designer labels. The result is piece after piece of swoonsome amazingness. We're currently coveting the colour pop coral shift and the stunning neon sequin skirt.

The girls have opened up a pop-up boutique for three days only in Hong Kong's NoHo. If you fancy a slice of Cameo style, pop along from 10am til late today or tomorrow where you can snap up pieces from the current collection while sipping on Fiol Prosecco and nibbling on Cameo cupcakes. What more could a girl want...

 Cameo Pop-Up Shop
13 Aberdeen Street
Hong Kong
Thursday 18th April - Saturday 20th April 
10am - late 

Brightening up office-bound days with an awesome soundtrack courtesy of Spotify which is FINALLY available in Hong Kong! Currently on a loop blasting through my earphones is Kanye West & Jay Z's Great Gatsby trailer anthem, No Church in the Wild. I can't think of a better tune to kick off the weekend...

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