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Monday 29 April 2013

Patty & Bun = YUM...

One very hungover Friday, I came to work with a drinks date looming that evening. With my stomach churning and head pounding, there was no way I was going to be able to sample London's best G&T's as arranged! Swiftly plans were amended to incorporate my insatiable carb craving and it was settled that instead we'd sample supposedly London's best burgers...much more appropriate!! 
Patty&Bun aim to provide the most memorable comfort food by using the freshest, best British ingredients possible. That they did, and very well indeed - I can confidently say it was the best burger I've had in London. MEATliquor and MEATmission are pretty darn good but Patty&Bun was just divine...maybe it was the hangover talking but I just couldn't get enough! 
Located a few minutes from Bond Street underground station, it's the perfect shopping pitstop or the ideal place for a quick bite to start off a night of fun. Be prepared for a queue though, this little gem is no secret, unfortunately....

However good things come to those who wait! They have kindly mounted a menu on the wall outside so can you figure out exactly what you want to order in advance, believe me if you aren't famished when you arrive you will be when you have got to the bottom of this envy will be your biggest fear!!!!

We opted for the Ari Gold with bacon, the Smokey Robinson burger, chips with rosemary salt, a side of coleslaw and after a long hard, hungover day in the office a bottle of white wine which suddenly didn't seem like such a bad idea...! The wine is poured into cute little tumblers and therefore suitably tricked my mind into thinking it was water...problem averted!

Once you make it inside you're faced with a low lit, cosy space with tables so close they're touching, however this is all made up for by the super fun music blaring out dispelling the feeling of someone listening in to your conversation. The staff are very helpful and attentive and genuinely look like they're having the time of their life singing and dancing along as they serve up your food! Good upbeat atmosphere and a fun spot to start a night off I'd say! 
The chips were crispy, fluffy and seasoned to perfection with a hint of rosemary to the crunch...

The Burger arrived wrapped in waxed paper emblazoned with the ruby red P&B logo; without me having to request it, my patty was grilled to medium rare perfection (there's nothing worse than an overcooked burger) and was piled high with onions, the smokey P&B mayo, tonnes of cheese and crispy bacon...this is one serious hunk of a burger just begging to be gobbled!

One minute he was there....
And the next completely devoured...DELISH!!!!

Stomach lined and my taste for alcohol well and truly back...we trotted off happy little campers to a G&T very close by...!!
Patty and Bun
54 James St London W1U 1HE
Tel: 0207 487 3188


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