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Wednesday 6 March 2013

Thirty & Fabulous: Fizzy Fashion...

Like me this year, I say weeping over my MacBook Air, Diet Coke turns 30! I can't quiet believe it too ... how are we both saying goodbye to our sparkling twenties?! 

I still have a good few months of planning left to make sure I bid a suitably fabulous farewell to my younger years, but I have a feeling Diet Coke may just have pipped me to the post by working with fashion legend, Marc Jacob... You've guessed it MJ is now the brand's new Creative Director taking over from Jean Paul Gaultier and in celebration he has designed three super-fab limited edition cans. Yep, pretty sure i'm not going to come even remotely close to celebrating with as much pizazz...!

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All three designs are standout in their own way, each representing one of Diet Coke's three decades through vibrant colours and beautiful illustrations. The eighties design revolves around the empowered woman, whilst the nineties screams attitude through the exploration of fashion, music and art and last but by no means least the noughties is focussed on fun, energy and sexiness!

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It doesn't stop there though, Marc also plays dress up (or dress down) acting as the new hunk in the latest 'Diet Coke Break' line of ads. Check him out below...

We thought we'd hold a mini 3BM celebration of our own to mark the special occasion so we have taken it upon ourselves to look back at our top 3 favourite Diet Coke collaborations over the years...

In 2008 Patricia Field caused a stir with her 4-bottle range modelled around the sexy and sassy woman...

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In 2011 Karl Lagerfeld got into bed with the brand all for the love of losing weight! He apparently lost a whopping 90 pounds through drinking the iconic pop *along with a healthy diet. I think we've all learnt something here...!

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And last but not least, in 2012 Jean Paul Gaultier designed the 'Night & Day' range of designs for the brand. Stripes and lace - our favourite kind of combo...

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I think we're all in agreement that Diet Coke has well and truly mastered the art of reaching and turning the grand old age of 30 gracefully, lets just hope that I can do the same ...!

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