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Wednesday 13 March 2013

Silk Scarf Crush: Laura Orchant

What's the one thing that finishes off an outfit with a little extra pizazz, cosiness and a splash of colour and amazing scarf of course! We've blogged about the fabulous Lily & Lionel HK skyline scarf in our January post, but for those of you who are London readers, I have found a fabulous alternative! I bring you...Laura Orchant and her amazing silk scarf collection! 

The prints are beautiful, the colour palettes popping and the hand feel is simply quality, as soon as I saw the collection I fell in love. Laura, the founder and lead designer, sketches all the scarf patterns inspired from nature and the natural world surrounding her. Her drawings are then digitally enhanced and this is how the scarf designs are born, staple wardrobe additions with a fashionable twist. For me it is the incredible graphics and colours that got my instant attention, striking yet still managing to be commercial. The other element I love is that all designs come in three different sizes - no more skimpy scarf syndrome! 

We're not the only ones lusting after these beauties, Laura has also designed a range of scarves for Liberty and worked on prints for Firetrap, watch this space...I've seen the prints to come for Autumn/Winter and they are impressive to say the least! 

Here's a taster of the AW13 designs...

Woman in Red

Image via

Tiger in Gold

Image via

Indian Summer in Blue

Image via

Designs available to buy right now...

Chicken in Blue

Image via

Sunset Firework in Blue

Image via

Avian Embers in Red

Image via

Prices range between £150 and £170 depending on the size you pick, and can be purchased online via Laura's website, easy peasy, the only problem is once you've looked you'll want them all!!! 

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