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Monday 4 March 2013

On the 3BM iPod: The Staves...

Three sisters who grew up not far from Watford. 

Ring any bells?

Well it turns out that there are three other sisters who spent their weekends hanging out at the Harlequin Centre and trying to get into Destiny with their fake IDs and they're a little bit better at singing than us Mice...Well a lot better actually!

If you like The Lumineers, Alabama Shakes and Lucy Rose, we think that The Staves pretty folk rock may just be right up your street. While we've heard the girls dubbed the female version of Mumford & Sons, we'd say that The Staves sound is much brighter and happier than the sometimes dirgey Mumford boys'. With simple guitar melodies and beautiful harmonies, we're absolutely loving the Staves debut album, Dead Born & Grown.

Yet another illustration that all good things originate in Watford...!

The Staves - Winter Trees

The Staves - Tongue Behind My Teeth

The Staves - The Motherload

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