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Friday 22 February 2013

On the 3BM iPod: Wild Child...

Let me introduce you to the playful and super spirited indie-folk sensation Wild Child. An Austin Texas seven-piece band who made their debut back in 2011 with their exceptional first album Pillow Talk. 

The heart of Wild Child sits with guy-girl folk duo, Kelsey Wilson and Alexander Beggins. I was first introduced to their quirky and original sound via my music guru friend Nat, who is my go-to person for amazing music recommendations. I have since looked into the bands' background and journey and have learnt that their story is one of pure self-made, awe-inspiring success.

Wild Child made their first album through cobbling together money, borrowing instrumental gear from pals and recording it all themselves. 

A few fun facts about Wild Child...
  • All Pillow Talk album songs share three common themes : Love, Sleeping & Dreaming
  • Instrumentals are made up of unusual instruments and unconventional percussion including the ukulele, bells and wait for it ... hand claps!
  • The song Pillow Talk was written on the floor of Kelsey's bedroom and took a mere 30 minutes to create 
The harmonies, melodies and sweet vocals are captivating and undeniably catchy. The perfect music to wake you up slowly and soothingly or to send you to sleep with the promise of sweet dreams. 

My personal fav is the beautiful yet intense track The Tale Of You & Me - check it out here...

The Pillow Talk title track is also pretty awesome in a heartbreaking kind of way! It follows the sad tale of a failing relationship representative of both sides of the story...

I dare you to listen and not be hooked immediately. Following their journey and success via their website and Facebook page. 

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  1. The Tale of you & me sounds has such sweet vocals yet dramatic.