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Wednesday 20 February 2013

From films on fridges to a floating cinema pop-up cinemas

From films on fridges to a floating cinema pop-up cinemas are popping up everywhere around the UK. Here's a few of our favourites...pass the popcorn...   

Future Cinema aims to bring to life films as eye-poppingly, breathtaking multi-sensory, immersive experiences that draw the audience into the magical world of the film.

Past experiences have involved real-life splat gun fights at Fat Sam's for Bugsy Malone, re-creating those summer nights at Rydell High for a Grease reunion (below) and - last Friday - transporting the audience back in time to 1940's Morocco for a special Valentine's screening of Casablanca.       

Future Cinema Presents Grease
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After many outfit changes I finally found my inner Ingrid (Bergman) and plumped for a pencil skirt, seamed tights, vintage heels, trench coat and fedora and hit the Troxy. We were met by a line-up of fierce Moroccan guards and escorted down an eerily lit corridor humming with the hustle and bustle of a busy market.         

Then wham! We stepped into the legendary Rick's American Cafe and were catapulted right back to the forties. The cafe was buzzing with hundreds of sharp-suited guys and girls channeling Bogart and Hepburn - everyone had made a huge effort to look the part and were cooly sipping Champagne Paris 75 cocktails around black jack tables.   
As with all Future Cinema events the devil is in the detail with so much thought going into the costumes, lighting and music - there was even a dancer with a live python!  


After (a few too) many Paris 75 cocktails served in beautiful vintage glasses, a couple of unsuccessful hands of black jack, some tiny portions Tagine (the only disappointing element of the evening as they were pricey and super small) we settled down to watch the film - an all time classic the atmosphere and theatre around us made this epic movie really come to life.

By the time the credits rolled we were ready for some fabulous forties fun on the dancefloor to the live swing band playing a medley of hits - from old blue eyes to some bad ass big band tunes that had everyone spinning and swinging around.

We finally dragged ourselves away from dance-floor and into the reality of the last tube home to bed with tired feet but happy hearts. What's great about Future Cinema is that it really does give you everything you want from a night out in just one night in one place - food (ok that wasnt the best bit but we were fed), cocktails, a great film, music and dancing! It's not cheap at £50 a ticket but I'd pay it again Sam (sorry!) This is the start of a friendship that is definitely going to carry on and on.

There are great pop-up cinemas all round the UK, including Darkened Rooms in Wales and the Any Given Sunday film screenings in South Shields and you can check out some others here

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