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Friday 11 January 2013

This Week The Mice Have Mostly Been...

Well our first full week done at work for 2013 and I don't know about you but I am exhausted! Early alarm wake ups, outfit building before noon, no naps and not a day time snack time in sight...I'm not sure I like this!  

On top of that there is the dreaded lurgie being passed around the office making everyone feel glummer than we already were at the thought of a tripled workload after nearly two weeks off for Christmas! However if you're a little Mouse it's not all THAT bad as we've officially only got 4 weeks until we jet off to Sri Lanka for our next 3BM reunion! Beach, sun time and plenty of eating!  Bragging over, I apologise that was a bit mean, but it is the only thing keeping us going! 

So when the Mice haven't been sneakily finishing our Chrimbo chocolate instead of starting a bikini diet and pretending to stick to New Year's resolutions, this week we have mostly been....  

Chomping on steak for men...having visited STK pre-Christmas we decided not to totally give up on steak restaurants all together and gave Flat Iron a whirl! 

I first heard about the Shoreditch pop-up housed above The Owl and Pussycat pub last Summer however by the time I eventually got round to heading down it was too late and Flat Iron's time was up! So when I heard about the permanent branch opening on Beak Street in Soho I was immediately looking for an opportunity to try it out! 

First things first, there is annoyingly no reservations, however you can put your name down and they will call you or you can go for a drink in the bar downstairs. Located on Beak Street you could easily go shopping for a while on Carnaby Street whilst you wait, however after giving our credit cards a serious workout during the sales, we opted for the bar instead! Set over three floors, the space Flat Iron covers it quite impressive with two floors dedicated to the restaurant so the wait isn't too long - ours was about 30 minutes. 

The decor was right up our brickwork, bare light bulbs, distressed tables and stools and our favourite part a doughnut stall in the bar! The idea is you can go wait downstairs with one of their tasty looking cocktails or a bottle of red (our choice) and munch on a doughnut should you get peckish! They have a fresh batch delivered everyday from St Johns and they fill them with ever changing fillings! AMAZING! 

The food...we opted for three Flat Iron steaks which come with a side salad, we ordered all the side dishes and Bearnaise sauce. I can officially say it was amazing...I asked for my steak to be cooked rare and rare it was, the meat was super tasty and the Bearnaise sauce was pretty much what you'd expect and a bit extra...yummy! The sides again were out of this world...creamed spinach, Sophie's Salad (blue cheese, candied pecans and lemon) fries and roasted aubergines cooked with tomato, basil and Parmesan...our number one fav! 

Unfortunately they didn't have any of their famous salted caramel chocolate mousse left so our only option was to order a Rhubarb Doughnut...oh nooo...DELISH!! 

All in all amazing food, lovely service - the staff couldn't have been more sweet, and we fell in love with them a little bit more when to apologise for the lack of  chocolate mousse, our waiter did us an apology dance! The bill came in at £65...just over £20 each for steak, scrumptious sides, dessert and a bottle of red! Incredible value!

Pretending we're 12 all over again singing along to the best of the Spice Girls! Daddy Mouse tried to get tickets for the ballet this Christmas but was too late and so instead he went off idea hunting himself! He came back asking if we would like to see Viva Forever...having just circled the Spice Girls documentary in the Chrimbo Radio Times we squealed with ridiculous excitement and started digging out our 'Spice World' album! I still can't quite believe he voluntarily put himself through it! It's being showing at the Piccadilly Theatre, right around the corner from Dean Street Townhouse so we popped in for a pre show Hendricks before waking our teenage song lyric encyclopedia and exercising it to the max! 

The show isn't based on the girls themselves, but is instead a musical based on the songs of the Spice Girls. It hasn't had the best reviews but actually we all had a great time - it's really funny (even Daddy Mouse was caught chuckling!) you can clearly hear the jokes and one liners of Jennifer Saunders, a couple of characters are absolutely genius - Karen the Essex judge played by Tamara Wall and Minty the spot on PA who 'hashtags' everything - played by Hatty Preston; it is simply harmless fun and isn't meant to be taken too seriously! Parts of it are a bit soppy and there is especially one scene which should always be watched from behind a cushion...all I'm telling you is it is set to '2 becomes 1' and the only prop is a bed, but all in all we really enjoyed it and had a great time! 

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Kicking those January work blues as much as I can whilst slogging away all day in the office by listening to some feel good songs! This week my friend at work has been picking songs on his iPod for me to listen to whilst doing mundane tasks and it turns out it's so much more fun than listening to your own! Rather than picking the same old albums to the point where you hate all the songs you once loved, you don't have a choice and actually listen to the songs! I have been introduced to some goodies and I think is only fair to share I will leave you my new fav which I now demand to listen to everyday...!!

Miguel - Adorn...

Happy Weekend!
The Mice

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