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Monday 7 January 2013

Hello 2013!

Happy New Year!

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We're back after a lovely long Christmas break which we've mostly spent snuggled on the sofa in our onesies, eating, drinking and internet sales shopping... The perfect end to a pretty amazing 2012. 

To ring in a brand new year we hopped across the Channel to Paris for four days of eating, drinking and sales shopping (this time we were wearing proper clothes and shopping in real life shops...). More to come on out little Parisian adventure very soon. 

In the meantime, we thought we'd kick off 2013 by sharing our New Year's Resolutions... 

HK Mouse
I've just lugged back to Hong Kong two bulging bags stuffed full to bursting with amazing Christmas presents and beautiful sales bargains. The only slight issue is that my wardrobe is already ridiculously overcrowded. So, my first New Year's Resolution is to finally get round to something I've been meaning to do for months and months... wardrobe rehab. I'm going to set aside a whole day and spend it going through all my clothes, shoes and accessories sorting them into keep, tailor, charity and chuck piles. I'm then going to neatly arrange everything I'm left with so that I have a perfect neat. tidy, colour co-ordinated wardrobe...

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My second resolution is to get back to my Bikinifit regime. After almost a month off, I'm strangely really looking forward to getting back to eating healthily and early morning work-outs. Roll on broccoli and boxing; protein shakes and press-ups - by the end of 2013 I'm hoping to be a smaller, healthier more toned version of me...

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Middle Mouse
I'm always late for very important dates actually, I'm always late for any kind of date...! Work's the only exception thanks to Mini Mouse dragging my tired self out of bed on a daily basis - thank God one of us is a morning mouse! Last year there was one occasion where I was so embarrassingly late I had to buy an apology present en route (which made me even later) to soften the blow! This year I intend to arrive at least five minutes early everywhere that I go to avoid those panicky, edge of my tube seat moments and arriving looking like a disheveled sweaty mess! Tick tock tick tock...

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Next up on the resolution list is to bag myself a hot husband! A Ryan Gosling type would do - chiseled, charming and charismatic! Someone who will buy me Miu Miu shoes when I've had a bad day and keep our champagne fridge stocked up all year round! I don't think that's asking too much do you?!

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Mini Mouse
I love living in East London with Middle Mouse but I'm now ready to own a house with real character and charm. My dream would be a cosy home with white-washed floor boards, exposed brick walls, candles littering every surface, clean white background crammed full of knick knacks and pictures! So my first New Year's resolution is to get on the hunt for my perfect mousey abode, something a bit like this would be perfection.....

Next up, my second resolution - to stop buying so much from the high street and instead invest in a few designer wardrobe 31st December 2013 I hope to own some Acne pieces and my first ever pair of Christian Louboutins...

We hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas and an even better start to 2013. Here's to a year full of love, laughter and amazing adventures... 

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