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Wednesday 7 November 2012

Fabulous Fashion...Free People

Love cool, casual, easy layered dressing? Well boy do I have a little gem for you...Free People have launched a UK website and it's simply a treasure trove of everything I love!!! Owned by the same company as Urban Outfitters, the brand has finally made the move over to the UK - still website only for now but surely it's only a matter of time before the brand starts opening stores here's hoping! 

If you're a 3BM follower, you may remember back in May we blogged about an amazing pair of battered boots in our Heiress v Penniless: Studded Boots post. HK mouse and I quickly snapped up a pair for Middle Mouse as a pressie and I can vouch that they are totally beautiful! 

Jeffery Campbell Buckle Ankle Boots, £198

The only problem? We had to fork out ridiculous shipping and then import taxes on top of that which added about £80 onto the price! But BAM just like that and as if they heard our prayers...the UK site is here with free shipping throughout November! 

Beware though, one peek at the website and you're a goner, it's lethal...everything is amazing! Prices aren't bargain basement cheap, but it's definitely worth it for such amazing fashion fabulousness. Plus, stats show that if you get a Topshop dress there's a 90%* chance that someone else will be wearing it, if it's an Urban Outfitters dress, chances of twin dressing syndrome drops to around 45%*, but with a Free People piece that risk plummets to a mere 8%* (for now anyway!!). Total no brainer, skip Topshop and head to Free People to ensure smug outfit uniqueness. 
*Stats generated via extensive research, complicated algorithms and a little bit of Robinson sister guesstimation...   

There's a clear slouchy, pared-down style to the brand however, I think there is literally something for everyone's style here. Whether you're a little bit hippy, more bohemian, a romantic, slighty tomboy or prefer to keep things pretty - they're all covered and done in a chic, beautiful way! If you can't tell we are totally and utterly head over heals...check it out my friends and ENJOY!!!

Golden Enchantment Dress, £198

Mirror Reflection Maxi, £450

Chunky Scarf, £29.66

Mara Hoffman Beaded Silk Chiffon Dress, £800

Push by Pushmataaha Shakaka Ring, £158

Chunky Cable Jumper, £88

Quay Metal Temple Round Frames, £38

Leopard Swing Coat, £198

Jeffrey Campbell Lee Boot, £300

Plus the brand does cute lace underwear in an amazing jewel colour's a taster....!

From £8

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