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Monday 19 November 2012

Carrie Fever & Getting Personal: Name Necklaces from the Bauble Bar

In 1998 Sex and the City first burst onto our screens bringing us six series (and two rather questionable films) of New York amazingness peppered liberally with Cosmos, Manolo Blahniks, frank sex chat and fabulous fashion. 

We loved it then, and fourteen years on we still love, love, love it (fourteen years?! We feel seriously old...). 

Despite the fact that fashion's changed, Carrie & co generally don't look ridiculously dated when we watch SATC back, and we still get stylespiration from the re-runs. Of all the girls, Carrie is still our ultimate object of style lust. From the pink tutu in the opening credits, to those diamond embellished blue Jimmy Choos with plenty of oversized corsages in between, Carrie just always seemed to get it right and still makes us sartorially swoon today.

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We guess it illustrates those wise words of Yves Saint Laurent that "fashions fade, style is eternal". It also proves that super stylist and the brains behind the SATC girls' wardrobes, Patricia Field, is an out and out fashion genius.

In a film created for the Archive of American Television earlier this year, Patricia Field reveals the story behind two iconic Carrie pieces, the pink tutu and the infamous Carrie necklace.

Which got us to thinking, even if we're not from New York and don't have walk in wardrobes stuffed with couture, shouldn't every girl have her very own Carrie name necklace? 

And the answer to all our name necklace prayers came courtesy of another huge 3BM fashion crush, Blair Eadie of Atlantic Pacific, who introduced us to Bauble Bar.

Whether you want to channel Carrie to the letter and go with the traditional name necklace or change things up a little and go with a disk shaped initial monogram necklace, Bauble Bar has it covered.


US$105 (also comes in large for US$115 and super cute mini for US$95)

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Our hearts almost plummeted when we saw that Bauble Bar only ship within the US, but fear not, My US to the rescue! Bauble Bar work with the international shipping company to get all your name necklace deliciousness shipped to you whichever far flung corner of the world you live in. Simply sign up, get a US address and hey presto My US will forward it (and any other US purchases you happen to make) straight to you.  

So now that we can all get a little bit of name necklace action, our next Carrie challenge - where to find a pink tutu....


  1. I could watch SATC over and over again. Like the fashion, the programme itself will never get old! :- )

    I've been looking out for my own 'Carrie' necklace for a while now. You picked some lovely ones, but waaay out of my budget I'm afraid!

    Lovely post!
    Xx. Emma @

  2. I was also very drawn to name plate necklace but never went through with actually getting one myself. I hope you are enjoying yours

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