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Saturday 3 November 2012

3BM iPod: Jessie Ware

It's Sunday...YAY still the weekend but...BOO Monday is so super close once again! Put that last thought to the back of your mind and instead think mulled wine, long snuggly scarves and amazing fireworks! If your plan for today was...move from your bed to the sofa, wallow in your hangover until it's time to move back to your bed again, then you should feel officially ashamed! Grab your laptop, get on google and find fireworks near, exciting and the only time the wind and cold is acceptable especially on a Sunday night!

To keep you company whilst you research tonight's plan of action I introduce to you Jessie Ware!

A 28 year old singer song writer from South London and recently nominated for the Mercury Prize 2012, Jessie Ware is set to be big. Touted as the new Adele, she has it all - a brilliant voice, amazing image and a cool vibe that money can't buy...boys will be in awe of her and girls will want to be her...I know I do!

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She released her debut album 'Devotion' in August this year which made it to number 5 in the UK charts, and more recently was nominated for the Mercury Prize (she lost out to Alt J, a definite recount required!). Her album is easy listening, no fancy complicated vocals in sight instead a soulful, chilled, Sade-esque vibe. 

Check out a few songs from her album below...

Be prepared to get addicted and have Jessie on repeat...her stuff is seriously relaxing but catchy at the same time, timeless and real talent. Not only that but from the interviews I've read she seems really down to earth and someone you would want to be BFFs with laughing over many glasses of wine, my favourite quote when asked if her singing doesn't work out...

 “I think I’ll just go and have some babies instead and go and be a music teacher and make them all learn my songs. Like Mr G in Summer Heights High. That’s what I really want to be.”

LOVE her...also how cool and chic can one person be...

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