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Friday 19 October 2012

This Week The Mice Have Mostly Been...

Is it just us or has this week passed quicker than the blink of an eye?! How is it fantastic Friday already? The London mice were lucky enough to have the dreaded Monday off work, so only had a 4-day week to get through - result! we had planned to do something ever so cultural to make use of the precious time off however we ended up treating ourselves to some series R&R = sitting on our bottoms all day catching up on Grey's Anatomy, Downton Abbey and New Girl! We did manage to peel ourselves out of our PJs for half an hour though and attempted a run and boxing session in the park. We were seriously regretting it though when we woke up on Tuesday to find that we were unable to walk or lift our arms due to failing to stretch post-run #micefail 

When we weren't hobbling down steps and seizing up like old grey goats at our desks, this week we were mostly...

Totally and utterly mesmerised by the oh so sparkly jewels on Minusey - the awesome online boutique with a magpie's eye for sparkly pretty things and popping colours! The site, only launched this year and specialises in hard-to-find indie label designs, it doesn't just stop at jewellery but also sells standout clothes, bags, shoes, eyewear and hats. My obsession and loyalties lie plain and simply with the fashion-forward necklaces and bracelets - my eyes literally lit up like a kid in a candy shop when I first saw the Pastel Resin Bib Necklace, which i'm modelling below for you all... 

We also have our beady mice eyes on the Leather Hardware Bracelet which boasts spectacular similarities to the Hermes Collier de Chien cuff bracelet. Anything Hermes-esque has out 3BM stamp of approval! One for each wrist please Minusey

Other firm favs include... 

Left - Antique Crystal Bib Necklace, $38 / centre - Malleable Spike Bangle, $22 / right - Neon Resin Spike Necklace, $39

All that's left to say is click fast before they gooooo!

Grumbling over the fact that the much anticipated new TV series 'Girls' starts on Sky Atlantic on Monday. Grumbling why? Because we don't have Sky Atlantic! Grrrrrrr! I first heard about the show a year ago and have literally been waiting and waiting for it to come over from the US so you can imagine my disappointment upon hearing the news.

Image via

Anyway for you lucky Sky lot let me fill you in ... the show follows the lives of four twenty-something girls, living in NYC. The show is by no means a glossy portrayal of the NYC aspiration but instead a true representation of life as it is living in a global power city with next to no money, a distinct lack of male attention and keeping up with everyone around you. The series shows women in a real light, flaws and all ... we all (well most of us) wake up looking like death, we don't always have the best sex or even get any sex for a long time (!) and we all have our single girl behaviour! 'Girls' isn't afraid to show all of this and more and that's what makes it so refreshing and so different to anything else on screen. The Creator and Co-executive Producer, Lena Dunham not only writes the show but plays the lead character, Hannah Horrath - it's a wonder she has time to live her real New Yorker lifestyle!

I think a quick intro to the fabulous four is in order...

Hannah lives in Brooklyn trying to make her way as a writer, totally supported by her parents who one day cut her off from her allowance. She soon realises New York is a tough place when you're not being spoilt and have a loser boyfriend! She attempts to succeed on her own and ends up having to take a job in a coffee shop...!

Image via

Marnie is Hannah's best friend and the complete opposite with absolutely everything going for her - she's beautiful, sensible, has a serious job as an art gallery assistant and a doting boyfriend and is very beautiful. Despite all this she's not a bitch, but a true friend to Hannah.

Image via

Jessa, the cousin of Shoshanna and wait for it British (cue a terrible exaggerated English accent!) moves back to New York after travelling around the world...definitely the floaty, unpredictable one of the group but someone Hannah idolises and sees as the fun one.

Image via

Shoshanna can be summed up very easily - bubbly, sweet, loves pink, innocent and her biggest problem in life ...? She's a virgin!

Image via

Don't get me wrong I love Sex & The City, Carrie and her glossy Vogue-like lifestyle but lets face it girls, that's not life as we know it. The SATC girls live near-perfect lives that we can only dream of (which I guess is one of the main reasons why we love it so much...), it's all about escapism offering a release from the everyday crap! The constant stream of hot men, the regular shopping sprees in Manolo Blahnik and Cosmopolitans for breakfast, lunch and dinner is the perfect end to a day of not so perfect encounters like battling your way to the tube against the drizzling London rain, the hoards of angry commuters and the constant struggle to keep your inbox email free in between back-to-back client meetings! If the latter sounds more like your life then 'Girls' is the show for you and definitely something to relate to!

Savouring a world of repeat with this Florence & Machine new take on the Robert Palmer classic 'Addicted to Love'. Special thanks for this corker goes to my work buddy, Nat who is a constant source of inspiration when it comes to new, cool and edgy music. Enjoy, we have ALL evening and quite literally are now addicted...

Have a great weekend all - lots of love, The Mice xxx


  1. I'm really excited about Girls! I don't have Sky either so think I will be staying at my boyfriend's a bit more often from now on...

    Love the leather hardware cuff too.


    1. Over in HK I rely on everything being on iTunes so that I can watch it on Apple TV but no sign of Girls on there yet either... I'm currently working my way through Revenge though(which I'm LOVING) so all good for now! x