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Thursday 25 October 2012

Eyelash Extensions: Boudoir Lashes

Obsessions are never a good thing and I always have one, whether it be a hot boy, the Mulberry Lily bag, the Siren Monica Vinader ring or the Charlotte Olympia Dolly can safely be said that all of them set you back a fair bit (the boy in patience not cash hopefully!) and are continually on your mind until you get them! 

My new obsession...eyelashes! 

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Not my own as they are short and stumpy (I seriously got lumbered with the Skoda of lashes) but individual eyelash extensions! Being born with what can only be described as baby spider legs, all I have ever wanted is long, luscious ones to flutter! I am definitely totally over stick on false eyelashes, they come away at the corners half way through the night and end up half way down my cheeks, creating an Ab Fab Patsy after too many glasses of Bolly look! 

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So when the eyelash extensions craze began I was jumping straight on that bandwagon! However my first experience at 
Browhaus in Covent Garden wasn't the best...I asked for a more natural look so I didn't trot on out of there channelling Jordan but instead I walked out looked exactly as I did when I walked in, except £60 lighter! Understandably I wasn't happy so I went back the following evening to ask for more lashes. I was rudely referred to as 'the girl that wasn't happy' and swiftly told I got what I asked for so the addition of extra lashes would take my complimentary infill they offer with every full set....great! After that they proceeded to add a few more and finished by smothering my lashes in glue so they were rock hard and hurt like hell most of time...cue a red eyed streaming look....HOT!

I vowed there and then to stick with my stumpy natural lashes and just be happy, at least I wasn't in pain any longer and didn't resemble a rabbit with myxomatosis! However, then came along Asma at
Boudoir Lashes...a totally different experience!

Firstly, located in the smart
Becca Boutique just a quick walk from South Ken tube, the shop was super easy to find. Secondly, this isn't your usual beauty salon, you feel totally spoilt from the moment you step through the door into the spa-like, chic space. Everything is very cool, minimal and luxurious, with a section at the back of the shop dedicated to photo shoots adding to the vibe. Asma, the creator of Boudoir Lashes and all round beauty genius, was immediately out to meet me and got straight down to business with her no fuss attitude. The 90 minutes that the lash application takes zoomed by as we gossipped away about Asma started her business, plans to open a Boudoir salon of her own (she is fully trained in everything beauty and is already doing lashes, eyebrow threading and waxing at Becca) our 3badmice blog and of course 'Rpatz and Kristen Gate'! I'm usually one that finds hair appointments boring and a strain to keep conversation flowing but Asma was so easy to chat to and didn't take herself too seriously, making the whole experience a breath of fresh air.

The outcome....beautiful fluttery lashes! Even given my previous experience with lash extensions, I wasn't worried this time, as I knew that Asma does the lashes for Made In Chelsea (I'd watched an episode the week before paying close attention to the girls' lashes which looked fab!) But even so, when the tape was pulled away and I saw my new lashes for the first time I was thrilled with the way my eyes looked (
apart from the fact that they were a little sleepy and hungover...). Absolutely no glue in sight, light, with a slight curl and best of all, they don't hurt a bit. If i didn't know better I wouldn't even know that I had lash extensions. That's until i look in the mirror and flutter of course!

Conclusion....I would recommend Boudoir Lashes in a heartbeat, a week on and I'm still really happy with them, I am starting to get super sad at the prospect of them falling off - as I say a new obsession is born and I'm pretty positive I can't justify not going back for more! If you're planning on getting fluttery too, my advice would be to pick wisely - not all lash extensions are created equal...bigger companies may be cheaper, but you get a run of the mill, rushed experience and may well not be blown away by the end result. Whereas Asma tailors the whole experience to you which means that you get top notch lashes that suit you and which are super me you won't be disappointed!

See my before and after piccies below....don't laugh at the pre stumps and I apologise for the poor quality but it is very tricky to photograph your own eye!!



Boudoir Lashes (BECCA Boutique)
91a Pelham Street


  1. Ah thank you Lucy - you have to go get them done they're amazing!! The Mice x