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Tuesday 9 October 2012

3BM Review Salt Yard: This is not just Tapas, this is Salt Yard Tapas...

Right now in the restaurant world it appears a new quirky venue is opening every minute, each one with a unique slant in a bid to set it apart from all the other restaurants already out there. Be it...dual dish menus, pizza with a side of table tennis, food trucks, jazzed up hot dogs and sliders... the list goes on! So on this occasion my uni girls and I decided to go against the grain and opt for an established, standard set up with a full multi option menu! 

The chosen destination was Salt Yard on Goodge Street. 

Firstly the words Salt Yard and standard should never again be used in the same sentence....this place is truly something else! The food is tapas but not your mediocre dry paella and chewy squid rings La Tasca style, but more gourmet dishes of bursting flavours, unusual combinations and generally little plates of heaven! It is safe to say I was a fan! The menu comprises of a mixture of Italian and Spanish inspired dishes, but beware you will literally want to pick everything and as the portions look small you'll think you can...don't, you do get full, believe me!!! 

First things first...the location! Perfectly situated only a 2 minute walk from Goodge Street underground or, in my language, a brisk trot from Roka, a hop, skip and a jump from Charlotte Street Hotel and right across the road from the London Cocktail Club - could there be a better spot?!

To look at (outside and in) Salt Yard doesn't scream gourmet, outstanding, or anything particularly memorable but you'd be insane to let that put you off! The decor is unfussy, relatively minimalist and relaxed - it's easy on the eye but nothing really jumps out at you to make it different or quirky. We were seated downstairs by the kitchen pass....some people may be put off by this but I felt it only added to the atmosphere, fear not though if this isn't your thing, there are plenty of tables out of the kitchen vicinity. 

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The staff were very helpful and attentive, even letting us know which dishes were being carried past as they came out of the kitchen to help us pick from the menu! We opted for an icy bottle of white wine to help us eventually narrow down the dishes; our final selection was...

Confit of 'Gloucester Old Spot' Pork Belly with Rosemary Scented Cannellini Beans - 3BM Score 4/5 

Pan Fried Gnocchi with Girolles, Peas and Parmesan Custard - 3BM Score 4.5/5

Courgette Flowers stuffed with Goat's Cheese and drizzled with Honey - 3BM Score 4/5

Roast Duck, Foie Gras Mousse, Black Figs and Chestnut - 3BM Score 3/5

Chargrilled Baby Squid, Spring Onions, Piquillo and Romesco Sauce - 3BM Score 4/5

Marinated and Grilled Free-Range Chicken with Chorizo, Romano Courgettes and Soffrito - 3BM Score 4.5/5

Grilled Underblade Fillet of Beef, Artichokes, Black Olive and Piquillo Salsa - 3BM Score 4/5

Truffled Macaroni Cheese - The pièce de résistance of the meal - 3BM Score top points 5/5!!!

My Uni girlies Becca and Vanessa were well fed and happy little campers!

The food was seriously something else, each dish that arrived was devoured in seconds and thoroughly enjoyed...if nothing else, you have to go to try the Truffled Macaroni Cheese, I could eat this for breakfast, lunch and dinner forever - it was DELISH!!! 

Topping off an amazing dinner was an equally amazing round of Espresso Martinis...I honestly cannot fault anything and at only £35 each for dinner, wine and a cocktail I would say that it was a top notch bargain! 

If I haven't tempted you enough, you'll be pleased to hear there are a further two restaurants under the same group Dehesa and Opera Tavern! This is too much for my brain to handle...who's free next week?!!!

54 Goodge St

020 7637 0657


  1. Sending this review to my lil sis who lives in London. Im in Brussels, so wont be able to check it out, but definitely will keep this in mind when im next there

    1. Ah glad you liked a definite to visit when you are next over!

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