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Saturday 13 October 2012

3BM Fashion Crush: Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff is my new favourite person, she is an all round fashion and accessories legend!

She managed to redefine the words 'Morning After' from feelings of sheer panic and self consciousness to become two thirds of the name of one gorgeous piece of arm candy...I am talking about the M.A.B (Morning After Bag) of course, this is how Rebecca Minkoff the brand was born. Back in 2005 she designer her first ever handbag and this beauty was her creation, loved not only by us mere mortals but it also seems celebrities as well... 

$525, Image via

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Supposedly the name was inspired by a guy she was seeing, being unsure of where she stood and therefore having to cram everything into a roomy bag - she thought why not do it in style! Apparently every bag has a business card inside with a picture of a handsome man and a handwritten note reading: 'Call me', then his number and signed off 'Vincent'! When you call the number there is an answer phone message in a french accent referring to Rebecca and her website...don't you just want to get one to see if this is true...I DO!! 

Over the years studs and snakeskin panels have been added along with a rainbow array of colours and sizes...continually reinventing the M.A.B and keeping it up there in the bag stakes! 

In 2009 she launched her first ready-to-wear collection and is now stocked in over 900 stores with versatile ranges of clothing, accessories, shoes and most recently know what that means don't you...lots more fabulous fashion porn for you to peruse and if you're feeling flush, snap up right away! 

Check out her website here and what's international shipping on orders over $300 (£186.94 to the Londoners and 2325.64 HKD to Hong Kong Mouse and readers!) eeeeee!!!

After much searching, admiring and lusting myself, see my top picks below...quirky, fun and cool - you really can't go wrong! With every mouse click I love her a little bit more...!

Cute and cheeky coin pouches $55...

Images via

Ana Pant, $398

Image via

Vivien Dress, £398

Image via

Sequin Becky Jacket, $798

Image via

Delicate Zodiac Necklaces $78...

Images via

HOW beautiful I realllllly want one, even the link to fasten the necklace is dainty and gorgeous...guess we all know what i'll be doing this weekend - racking up an extra $300 on my MasterCard...NO I must be good :-( Leo will have to wait until next pay day boooo hooooo!


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