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Wednesday 26 September 2012

Getting fruity with Jo Malone's Blackberry & Bay...

There is one thing in life that never fails to cheer me up ... no not pictures of fluffy bunnies or the smell of home-made apple pie and custard BUT the joys of Jo Malone!

I am currently the proud and greedy owner of the English Pear & Freesia, the White Jasmine & Mint, the Wild Bluebell and the Red Roses colognes. So that's Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday sorted but what about my most favourite day of the week - Friday? 

Well you can imagine my delight last Monday when I arrived at Heathrow airport to find a sparkling Jo Malone store standing right before me. I pondered for a mere moment weighing up if I actually NEEDED any more perfume but after half a second of deliberating I decided that yes, yes indeed I did. Like shoes a girl can never have too much Jo Malone!

Well the next part of the story is the best part. It had totally slipped my mind that the brand new Blackberry & Bay fragrance had been launched a few weeks ago until I saw the deliciously fruity advert blazed across the in-store wall. 

That was it. 

Game over. 

I just had to have me some! Storming over to the counter, alarming the shop assistant somewhat with my confident conviction to find the new cologne, I asked to be pointed in the right direction of the Blackberry scent. I picked up the bottle and instantly disappeared into a mist of nostalgia evoking memories of blackberry picking as a child. The combination of fresh blackberry and earthy bay with a undertone of grapefruit really zings The stresses of queues, passport control and security frisking a distant memory!

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You guessed the next part, my poor credit card got a battering! Totes worth it though - I know when it comes to Jo (like children) you shouldn't have favourites but...  

The Blackberry & Bay fragrance also comes in a body & hand wash, a body crème and a home candle, all of which will be appearing on my Christmas wish list 2012! 

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