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Friday 17 August 2012

This Week the Mice Have Mostly Been...

Another work week bites the dust! And what a week!

It was the week that London tearfully waved goodbye to the Olympics. After seven years of build-up, a complete overhaul of formerly grotty Stratford and the construction of a 200 hectare Olympic Park, three weeks ago 900 million people around the world tuned in for Danny Boyle's incredible Opening Ceremony. We really weren't expecting to go quite so Olympics crazy but from the moment Daniel Craig strode into Buckingham Palace, we were hooked. Just over two weeks of breathtaking displays of athletic prowess and multiple tear-jerking medal wins later, we were unexpectedly in the grip of severe post-Olympics blues as we watched the Spice Girls pout from their perches on top of a fleet of black cabs. 

So we started the week with heavy hearts but you can't keep the Mice down for long! We've dusted ourselves off and packed the week with cocktails, shopping and little bit of work. We can now confirm that we're back to normal and even looking forward to Autumn (well the X Factor). So post-Olympics weeping aside, this week the Mice have mostly been...

Maxing out our Credit Cards holiday shopping at Sheer. When we discovered this Hong Kong lingerie lifesaver earlier this year we had a little underwear shopping spree and since then have been raving about Sheer to every girl we meet (and all their boyfriends). Stocking a huge range of gorgeous bras and knickers in a proper range of sizes (yes, at last, somewhere you can buy bras if you're over a B-cup), this little boutique is staffed by women who know what they're talking about when it comes to underwear and want to make sure that you leave with an armful of lingerie that will change your life. From a rainbow-hued selection of my favourite knickers, Hanky Pankys, to uber sexy scraps of silk and lace from Mimi Holliday, there's something here for every girl. And now Sheer also stocks swimwear...

Popping in this week to pick up new supplies of Hanky Pankys, we accidentally left with a brand new Zimmermann bikini. Ooops! It's so beautiful though and HK Mouse is off to the Amalfi Coast next week so it's basically just essential pre-holiday prep... Hong Kong girls add Sheer to your directory of essential retail spots immediately!

4/F, W Place,
52 Wyndham Street,
Hong Kong

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Seeking professional help at the Evans & Peel Detective Agency - a new secret speakeasy in wait for it ... Earl's Court of all places! So let's start from the beginning. We called up earlier this week and made an appointment. All seemed pretty normal until we buzzed on the door of 310c on Wednesday night. Upon entering we instantly felt like we'd stepped back in time, think gramophones, old fashioned typewriters and magnifying glasses. We were then greeted by a detective (not remotely Poirot-esk) sat at a desk in an agency office who asked us about the case we were there to discuss. You know when your mind goes totally blank and you get the giggles - well that's exactly what happened! We then proceeded to make up a story about our Miu Miu handbag being stolen in New York and demanded that our very serious case was looked into immediately! We got grilled for a while and then eventually released into the surprisingly spacious bar through a dusty revolving bookcase wall. The rest of the evening was pretty normal (you'll be pleased to hear) and consisted mainly of scrumptious cocktails and reliving the surreal grilling we received at the start of the night!  

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Make an appointment by calling 020 73733573 or emailing: 

310c Earl's Court Road,

Series Linking the brand new X Factor which starts this Saturday! Back are the days when it is socially acceptable to use 'XFactor' as an excuse to join a night after 10pm or not at all...or in 3BM's case spend the whole of hangover Sunday watching replays just so we have fun things to blog about! 2009 and 2010 was all about watching Cheryl Cole become the nation's sweetheart and then with secret glee watching her fall from this perch to become the nation's most annoying bratty judge! Oh and how can we forget to mention our favourite part of the show...The Cheryl v Danni outfit-off... who are they wearing and who looks the best!!! 

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2011 was minus Simon Cowell, Cheryl and Danni, and we have to admit even the presence of Gary Barlow wasn't enough to fill those voids...however the arrival of Tulisa did bring a smile to our whiskers! So this year we have... Gary Barlow, Louis Walsh, Tulisa and new arrival Nicole Scherzinger! Cue classy, figure-hugging attire from Nicole and bling, trashy get-up from Tulisa - have you seen that brassy blonde hair?! Here's a little taster of what to expect...

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Getting nostalgic for the days of Girl Power and Buffalo Trainers... Back in 1996, Middle Mouse and HK Mouse clubbed together to buy a single that five girls were storming up the charts with. The summer was spent channeling Ginger (she went to our school and she seemed the most fun), coveting those platform trainers and generally saying "Girl Power" a lot. Sixteen years on (ummm how scary is that?!) and we're still a little Spice Girls obsessed. They were our highlight of the Closing Ceremony and if his dancing was anything to go by, Boris' too. We particularly loved the bit where Victoria looked like she was going to topple over and we'd still choose Geri's outfit over anyone else's. So dust off your Union Jack mini-dress, here's a little vintage Spice to kick off the weekend... 

Happy Friday!
The Mice

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