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Thursday 2 August 2012

Oh Lord Won't You Buy Me A Mercedes Benz...

... or a BMW, I'm really not hugely fussed on the make, any old fast car would be great and if you could arrange for a pop-artist to have blinged it up a bit, that would be ideal... Actually, I'm just going to head on over to the pop-up art car exhibition to pick one out...

I know, I know temporary pop-ups offering people the one-off chance to see and buy something have been done to death. When the trend first emerged there was a real hype and excitement around this new concept but very quickly that fresh feeling faded leaving a sour taste in our mouths. Having said that I am now going to totally contradict myself and tell you about a very cool, very quirky pop-up showcase that I stumbled upon on Wednesday!

BMW have cleverly transformed a disused and rather ugly looking NCP car park in Shoreditch into a colour-popping free art exhibition showcasing 35 years of famous BMW car art. 

Since 1975, a range of artists have been using BMW models as their canvases for expressing their artistic styles. Some of the greatest names in contemporary art have played their part in adding to this jaw dropping 17-piece collection, including the likes of Andy Warhol, David Hockney, Jeff Koons and Roy Lichtenstein. Each and every car is wildly different and quite literally a piece of art history…

HK Mouse blogged about the Warhol car after seeing it displayed at Art HK back in May - hand painted in just 23 minutes, he famously said about the piece: "I love that car, it has turned out better than the artwork". 

Everything about this exhibition is truly unique and in my opinion really worth checking out. Blink and you’ll miss it though because it’s only around until 4th August 2012.

The Art Drive! BMW art car collection is on display at the NCP car park on Great Eastern Street, Shoreditch from midday to 9pm daily until 4th August and is absolutely free!

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