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Tuesday 28 August 2012

Love Shopping, Love the environment...Lost Property of London!

My mission down Oxford Street goes like this - Zara, Urban Outfitters, Topshop and H&M, usually finding ten things more than I can afford and then spending a couple of weeks lusting after what I've left behind ... until I go back and snap them up! However, of late I have been left feeling distinctly underwhelmed. I hate finding too much I can't afford but it's even worse when you can find nothing at all!! This all explains why my beady mouse eyes are constantly peeled for recommendations of new brands, quirky labels, pop-up stores, collaborations, really anything a little bit different!

New Designer alert my blog friends - I introduce to you Lost property of London! This is by no means a new brand, it has actually been around since 2009 when the amazing Katy Bell made her first prototype. LPoL brings us Luxury Eco-friendly accessories with a huge side of shabby-chic cool. Katy graduated from St Martins, went to work for a design studio and a set designer, all before LPoL was born, so she knows exactly what she's doing!

Image via,

The beauty of the brand is that every design is made using recycled materials and as many handmade techniques humanly possible to cut out polluting processes. Katy has created such a unique trademark style for LPoL that you would recognise it instantly, the consistent use of hessian sacks reclaimed from London coffee houses, off set by beautiful ditsy printed linings and touches of soft grained leather rescued from London's textile factories; the result ... a perfect balance of luxe and cool! How can anybody object to you helping the environment through shopping?!?!

My favourites from the range have to be:

The rough round the edges Roxwell, perfect to chuck all the daily 'essentials' into...

Image via, Roxwell £110

The Appleby - dress up or dress down, it works both ways...

Image via, Appleby £120

Not just a brand for the girls either, why not snap up a Miles bag for your boyfriend / husband - manly yet stylish ... win win!!

Image via, Miles £300

But number one on my lust-list has to go to the Wilson purse - I heart the vibrant jewel blue colour, butter soft leather and contrast gold zip ... Mini Mouse's Heaven!!!

Not only are we hooked, but it seems most of the fashion haunts are as well, LPoL over the years have been featured in all of 3BM's favourites from Vogue, Elle, Grazia, The Telegraph, stocked by urban outfitters and most impressively collaborated with Liberty. Impressive or what?! Check out the website here and let the eco-friendly lusting begin!

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