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Thursday 30 August 2012

Lazydays: Luxe Junking in Hong Kong

If your idea of the perfect afternoon out on the South China Sea is downing jugs of lukewarm seabreeze before being pushed overboard by a pack of beery boys, you should probably stop reading now.

Still here? Excellent, the Mice have a little secret to let you into

May we introduce Lazydays, a brand new boat charter company offering super luxe junking. Think swapping the usual paint-stripper vodka and limp, reheated lasagna for champagne, gourmet food and chocolate dipped-strawberries. Less ageing, clunky boat with peeling paint and sweaty plastic seating, more sleek, opulent yacht complete with air conditioned cabin and beanbag loungers. At last a junk trip worthy of your brand new, teeny Melissa Odabash bikini and Miu Miu shades (or a junk that will make your H&M lookalikes look even more like the real thing...).

Tirelessly at your service, HK Mouse headed out for a spin around the Southside of the island earlier this month to road test the Lazydays service on your behalf (it's a tough job but someone has to do it...). 

Arriving at Aberdeen Boat Club, hot and bothered after a hasty getaway from the office, the day's stresses and strains ebbed away as we stepped aboard the boat and were welcomed by the crew with flutes of icy cold champagne. Cruising out of the marina, chinking our glasses and watching the sun set was definitely one of those pinch yourself moments when you're enormously thankful for living in Hong Kong. Slinking upstairs (you can't help but slink on this purring beauty of a boat) we sunk onto the cushioned deck for a champagne fuelled catch-up while we cruised out to South Bay.

As the stars began to stud the indigo sky we anchored just offshore, suddenly realising that with all the gossiping, we'd worked up some serious appetites. Luckily a feast was being laid out for us below deck. 
Slinking back down the stairs, we piled our plates with homemade feta and spinach filo pastry pie, lemon pepper chicken goujons, rosemary and sea salt potato wedges and Parma ham wrapped asparagus. This is restaurant class food prepared with love and care. We ate until we could eat no more and then went back for second helpings. 

Tummies full to bursting, we nestled into beanbag loungers sighing contentedly as jugs of strawberry mojitos magically appeared. As the strains of the Backstreet Boys began to drift out of the Bose sound system (got to love some old school tunes) trays of white chocolate dipped strawberries and squares of dark chocolate brownies were whisked out. We wondered whether there was any possible way that the evening could be improved. At this point a pink t-shirt clad army of masseurs began to circulate giving us each heavenly mini massages - total, unadulterated junk utopia.

As if starlit champagne, a gourmet supper and being massaged into blissed-out nirvana wasn't enough, we also had nutritionist extraordinaire, Lisa Werner, on board with us for the evening. As we nibbled on the last of the strawberries and finished our cocktails, Lisa spoke to us about ways to eat more smartly in Hong Kong. In short, she reiterated what we all know too well, that eating healthily here is hard. She suggested that we pick our food battles (organic v locally grown for example) and where possible try to eat ingredients in their most natural form watching out for hidden bad things (sugar, preservatives, colouring etc). Lisa then patiently answered all our questions before handing out little recipe books full of fab ideas for healthy but delicious meals, think: lemon, basil & honey bruschetta - yum!

Running almost an hour over our allotted docking time, we regretfully anchored back at Aberdeen, very much loathed to leave such luxury. On the way home, we all agreed that Lazydays had turned us into Suri Cruise - from here on in we'll be demanding five star, full on diva-princess treatment at all times or at least when we're bobbing out on the South China Sea.

Various packages available, hop on over to to book now!

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