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Wednesday 20 June 2012

Mice Restaurant Review: Bincho

Japanese food to die for! Seriously my new obsession and soon to be yours... 

Lets start with a bit of background. So there are two Bincho restaurants in London, one in buzzing Soho and the other in EC1. Both of which I have been to in the space of a week because I just couldn't keep away after my first visit! The restaurants are based on traditional Izakayas found throughout Japan - casual after work drinking spots which serve picky food to accompany all the drinking. The delicious food at Bincho is served in the form of tasty bite sized skewers that have been cooked over bincho-tan coals. Everything about these restaurants is authentic and this paired with the tasty food is why it works so well.

Both restaurants have very different vibes, the Soho one is darker and cosier and more in keeping with the grungy, rough-round the edges style of the surrounding area.  The EC1 branch is airy and more colourful with impeccable service. Personally I prefer the Soho location but only because you feel like you're amongst the action - you can watch the chefs cook in the open kitchen over the flames and smell the delights being whipped up. 

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So onto the food! The idea is to pick lots of little dishes to share and then some bigger rice/salad based dishes to fill you up. My favs include the cubes of pork belly, the salmon teriyaki (huge portion) and the asparagus and pancetta. But the winner has got to be the Oyako Don rice which is steamed rice with chicken, egg and spring onion! Amazing! 

The dishes are served as they're ready, which suits me as you fill up slowly and appreciate every dish that's put in front of you.

So what are you waiting for? Book now -

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