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Wednesday 27 June 2012

Callixto: Exotic Treasures Just a Click Away...

How great is it when you're browsing in a bustling market in Uzbekistan and you come across the perfect ikat cushions to liven up your sofa at home?  And isn't just amazing when you're in Peru and you spot a man sat at the side of the road handcrafting gorgeous pendants set with semi-precious stones which are going to be just perfect for working the Aztec look by the pool in your Mara Hoffman kaftan.

Oh, you haven't been you Uzbekistan or Peru recently?  No, us neither... But thanks to the uber fab online boutique, Callixto, trinkets and treasures from artisans scattered all over the world are now only a couple of clicks of your mouse away.  You can pick up skull and flower adorned bracelets from Barcelona, neon animal print scarfs from Korea and a leather bib necklace from Uruguay all without leaving the comfort of your sofa.

Global nomad Sasha Dennig is the founder of Callixto and gypset glamour personified.  When I met her, she was effortlessly working a crisp white shirt with delicate gold jewellery and a sleeveless bolero embellished with chunks of turquoise (she picked it up in Thailand nach...). Sasha's just the kind of girl that you want sourcing your accessories, jewellery and home decor.  While she spends the majority of the year travelling to far flung corners of the globe to seek out the unique and beautifully crafted pieces that she sells on the site, last weekend she hosted a pop-up shop in Hong Kong's Noho.  From the moment I walked into the shop, I knew that my credit card was in trouble...

The pop-up has packed up shop in Hong Kong for now but the good news is that we can all get our Callixto fix online.  For the perfect piece to finish off any look, log on and get shopping.  But remember when the compliments start flooding in, it's "This? Oh it's just something I picked up in Istanbul..."

Here's the round-up of the 3BM current Callixto crushes...

Silver Ribbon & Rhinestone Necklace
£38.50/ HK$465.65
£70.58/ HK$853.70

£160.40/ HK$1,940.23
£121.90/ HK$1,474.57
£102.66/ HK$1,241.74
£44.91/ HK$543.26

£38.50/ HK$465.65

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