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Friday 11 May 2012

This Week the Mice have Mostly Been…

TFIF is all I can can a four day week be so exhausting and why aren't there enough hours in the day for work, play, socialising, eating, cocktails, Internet shopping...something has to give, I think I'll pick work! 

Anyway, a little Friday round-up of the week just gone, this week the mice have mostly been...

Loving....H&M Selfridges Concession! Surprise surprise, I spent my Bank Holiday Monday on an impromptu shopping spree...I thought what better way to rid back to work blues!! We spent about 10 hours in Selfridges - ohhing, ahhing, shopping, trying on and even eating, it was my temporary home for the day!! In the past I've never really paid that much attention to the H&M section in Selfridges but you really should - they literally select the highlights of all the ranges and display it all together for easy peasy shopping! I was drawn to the Fashion Against Aids section - I've read loads about it and seen it all over the press but hadn't had a second to snap anything up! I remember loving last years festival chic range, i fell for the leopard print tent...which thinking about it is still under my desk at work! 

H&M are back with their fifth collection to create awareness and raise funds for AIDS/HIV, 25% of every sale is donated directly to a variety of youth HIV/AIDS projects. The designs are amazing, incorporating numerous global styles with a fabulous ethic theme and patterns through out. Check out a few of my favourites...

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I obviously couldn't buy everything, so for once I put on my sensible hat and bought just two pieces from the range!! I fell in love with this chunky black and silver collar necklace, £9.99 AMAZO...

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And this quirky extreme stepped hem top with a very cool pink ombre print only £14.99....

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And Middle Mouse fell head over heals for these amazing sunnies, could they be any cooler and only £5.99?!!

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Head down there sharp'ish as the range has been out for two weeks...festival fever has arrived at perfect prices!! 

Lusting after...the re-stocked Ciate Caviar Manicure Set! After selling out earlier this year and kicking up such a storm that a waiting list of 14,000 people formed, they have done the good thing and brought it back into our lives! 

A chic 3D nail trend creating a dramatic, feminine yet fun look, which I for one, am desperate to recreate and jump on the bandwagon! This idea was all down to the Creative Director of Ciate, who was after something a bit different for a magazine shoot and has now started the craze of all crazes!! 

The three new colours - Rainbow, Black Pearl and Mother of Pearl, went available to the public yesterday and you can get your mits a set for £18! Even better, trot on down to my second-home Selfridges and get yourself an appointment at the pop-up Ciate's nail bar, to have your recently purchased manicure set applied for free!! It'll only be there until 16th May so don't miss out!

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Fallen for...the new Limited Edition Jo Malone Plum Blossom Cologne. It is simply amazing - sweet yet not sickly, fresh yet lasts all day, floral yet crisp and it also comes in a limited edition bottle all tied up with a sweet lilac rope! Middle mouse couldn't resist and now each morning I plan discreet ways to go into her bathroom and steal a few sprays!! 

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Celebrating the weekend...even though a long bank holiday break has just passed and it was only a short oh my has it been a painful one!! Working hard, catching up with friends and gym training...I am officially in need of a holiday, However for now a good weekend will have to suffice! 

Tonight I'm trying out the Hawksmoor in Spitafields (apparently the Lobster Rolls and cocktails are to die for - I'll report back!), lots of blog writing, seeing the fabulous Ellie for a WELL overdue wine catch up and all topped off by...a BBQ of course! To kick off Summer time we're heading to a friends for a BBQ'ing get together...apparently come rain or shine it will go ahead! Sun dances at the ready please....! 

How can I also forget...London Sevens at Twickenham (boo hoo I'm missing out on the fancy dress extravaganza, damn the Internet repair man but a mouse has to blog!), Buy My Wardrobe comes to Notting Hill for a fabulous fashion soiree and wait for it....The Britain's got Talent Final...totes rooting for Pudsy the dog!! 

On that note hope you've all had a fabulous week and have an even more FABULOUS weekend! 

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