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Sunday 6 May 2012

Smashing Sunday Spot...

If you love nothing more than whiling away the weekend in cosy pubs with good friends, then I have a golden goose for you - The Balham Bowls Club, otherwise known as the 'BBC'. Not technically a pub but it's still got that great pub-like atmosphere, set in an old style bowling club, just a stone's throw away from Balham tube. I could happily spend hour upon hour here taking in the charming decor and vintage bits and bobs scattered everywhere you look - old granny lamps, a wall full of horse riding rosettes, ageing but well-read, battered books, a games trunk to die for and a black board with random phrases scrawled on it like 'I drive a Rolls Royce cos it's good for my voice' ...

Aside from the look and feel of the place, the food is pretty damn tasty too, cracking in fact! We recently went with friends on a Sunday and all opted for the chicken and beef roasts. The yorkshire puddings had just the right amount of crunch to them, the potatoes were crispy yet soft and fluffy inside and there was definitely no wilting going on with the broccoli! Lovely jubbly as my old pal Del would say! 

It appears that I'm not the only fan when it comes to this little gem, Timeout has awarded it 'bar of the month' previously and it has some great write-ups. People have said to keep it on the down-low so it doesn't get inundated and lose its charm but i'm safe sharing with you because 3BM readers are nothing but the best of the best! Check it out one weekend with good friends - you won't be disappointed...

7-9 Ramsden Road
SW12 8QX
020 8673 4700

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