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Friday 13 April 2012

This Week The Mice Have Mostly Been…

Yearning for one of these Hendricks and pear mouth-watering cocktails which sound and look absolutely divine. Now that the weekend is nearly here it’s time to chill those jam jars, crush that ice, whip up the all-important pear purée and get sloshed! Thanks goes to Editer for passing on this delicious boozy tip!

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Saving for this cooler than cool safari leather combo jacket from Zara. My lovely friend Anna Smiles (I know, great name eh?!) rocked up in this little beauty on Wednesday and I was immediately shooting a million questions at her … where’s it from, when did you buy it, is it still in-store! A snip at just £79.99 too.

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Catching up on telly we missed out on whilst busy sunning ourselves in Miami and Mexico. I know, it’s so tough! There is sooooo much on at the moment, it’s hard to keep up AND have a life! We have been perfecting our Caggie pouts with Made in Chelsea, learning what not to say in the work place with The Apprentice, swooning over the ever hot vampy twins in Vampire Diaries (Alice bagsied Damon boo hoo!) and copying EVERYTHING Naomi does on 90210. All highly educational programmes as you can see! We’ve also been told to check out Titanic the 4-part Julian Fellowes' series but haven’t got round to that as yet…

Mastering the art of making kick-arse Mexican guacamole. We consumed so much whilst away it almost turned us Shrek like! The hotel we stayed at, Las Ranitas, made one hell of a guac so we took careful note whilst the waiters whipped up the delish concoction in front of our very own eyes. See the crucial ingredients listed below. We’ve had a go since returning and it’s worth the extra effort I promise, I love texture and substance to dips and shop guacamole in my opinion is bland and too smooth … chunky is the way to go and that is most definitely the way we’ll be going if we carry on eating the amount we’ve become accustomed to!!!

2 ripe avocados  
2 big tomatoes finely chopped
Half an onion finely chopped
Half a pepper finely chopped
1 large handful of coriander finely chops
A squeeze of lemon
A twist or two of black pepper

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