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Sunday 1 April 2012

Bob Books

In a world where we take fifty photographs of the same sunset and hundreds of pictures of every night out, do you ever feel like your photographs aren't realising their full potential?

Sure, you shove them up on Facebook, tag a couple of friends and get a few comments and likes.  Maybe your Twitter followers see that slightly blurry Blackberry photo that you tweeted of a particularly beautiful beach that you were reclining on while you were on holiday last week.  And perhaps you even print a couple of your snaps planning to put them in frames if only you ever got round to actually buying the frames...

Well if you want a way to show off your photography in a way that's a little less transient than Facebook or Twitter or any of our other Social Media obsessions (Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram to name just a handful), why not get them published in your very own shiny, glossy book?

Bob Books is our top pick of the people who can transform your photos from little pictures trapped in your Canon to big, bright, printed images all bound in a beautiful book that you can keep forever.  Over the last few years the Mice have fully road tested Bob Books.  We've created holiday photo albums, hen party recipe books, calendars for Christmas gifts, post-wedding pick me up books (all the bride's favourite wedding photos) and we've even contributed to a special book that the team at Bob Books created to commemorate the Royal Wedding last year.   We think they make the best presents and although they can take a little time to put together they're very much worth the effort.

The Bob Books process really couldn't be simpler, you just download the free Bob Designer software for your Mac or PC and then, working offline, use the software to create your book.  Photos are dragged and dropped in place and you can then use your creative side to put together a unique design choosing your own layouts, backgrounds and photo masks.  Once you're done, just get back online and send your order through via the Bob Book checkout.  Your finished book will be printed and bound and sitting on your doormat within two weeks in Europe and three weeks internationally.

All sounding a bit too much like hard work?  Pay a little extra and the Bob Book design team will create your book for you (prices for the design service start at £9.99).  Just upload your photos and the team will work their magic.  Thousands of images to wade through and not sure which to pick?  Send them all through and the designers will do the editing as well as the designing for you.

Need some inspiration?  Have a peek at the amazing Barbados Book that Middle Mouse created after last year's holiday.  And here's the Royal Wedding Book (Middle Mouse's images are on pages 8-9).

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