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Thursday 15 March 2012

Sunday on Star Street

On those weekend mornings when my hangover's not too prohibitive to slap on an inch thick layer of Beauty Flash Balm and throw on an outfit (I use outfit in the loosest sense...), the prospect of trying to choose somewhere for brunch other than the tried and tested and much loved Posto Publico is too traumatic to even contemplate.

But, one Sunday a few weeks ago, in a quest to do something a bit different and to try to break my pasta on a hangover habit, I decided to branch out and head to Star Street in Admiralty for brunch.  During the week this area, which sits just on the edge of Central, is packed with office workers from the nearby Pacific Place Three office block.  At the weekend it has a much more laid back vibe but the bars and restaurants are still full and buzzy.    The neighbourhood is home to a few trusty chain joints but also has plenty of one-off, quirky places.   This particular Sunday we decided to try somewhere that sits between chain and one-off, the Chez Patrick Deli.  

Chef, Patrick Goubier, started up Chez Patrick, a French fine dining restaurant in Central back in 2006.  I've had the pleasure of eating there once and was lucky enough to have Patrick himself come out to the table to talk us through the menu.  His intense passion and enthusiasm was matched only by the sublime food.  I can say without a doubt, that my meal that evening was some of the most delicious, perfectly executed French cooking that I've eaten anywhere outside of Paris.  In the last year Goubier has branched out in a more casual direction with two gourmet deli/bistros, one on Star Street and one to the South-East of Hong Kong island, in Stanley.  I'd heard and read lots of good things about the Delis and I thought it was about time I tried them out.  As I wasn't going to flog round to Stanley (in Hong Kong you quickly get used to moaning about anywhere that takes longer than a five minute taxi ride to get to), I settled on trying the Star Street branch.

The Deli is located slap bang on Star Street and has a sleek, airy feel with high ceilings, large floor to ceiling windows, and walls lined with well-stocked wine racks.  The impressive deli counter stocks a wide range of mouthwatering cheeses, pates and homemade quiches and terrines.  There's also a sweet little patio area tucked away at the back of the space making this even more of a gem given the lack of good al fresco options in Hong Kong.

The majority of the dining space in the Deli is on long, communal, wooden tables but thankfully given our delicate state, we were ushered onto a table for two in a calm corner by the window.  We immediately ordered two coffees (delicious) and gulped the caffeine down as we pondered over what to feed our tired hungover bodies.  We opted for Savoyarde Tartine Pain Poilane and Saucisson Lyonnais Brioche.  These two dishes were ostensibly for sharing but as soon as I had a forkful of cheese, cured ham and lightly toasted delicious fresh bread it was very clear that I would not be parting with more than a very small mouthful of my meal.  Having said that, with my plate almost scraped clean, I snuck a taste of the Saucisson Brioche which was just as amazing (just thinking about it is actually making my tummy rumble...).  This homey, French comfort food was just what we needed.   While this is very clearly bistro-fare and a complete contrast to the Chez Patrick Restaurant fine-dining cuisine, each dish was perfectly crafted and in its own way just as lip-smackingly delicious.  

Hangovers subsiding, we decided we needed something sweet to finish our brunch.  Our little eyes had spotted a slice of something delicious and chocolately behind the Deli counter.  I cannot recommend this chocolate tart enough, velvety, sweet and rich with a salty, crumbly base.  I'm just glad I don't work on Star Street as I'd be hypnotically drawn here everyday and be obese within weeks.

Another couple of coffees down, we called for the bill which for the two of us came in at a very reasonable HK$540.  Content and fat, we paid up and went for a wander to nose around the nearby boutiques for quirky treasures and to try to work off that chocolate tart.  

Chez Patrick Deli, Star Street
3 Star Street, Admiralty
Telephone: (+852) 2527 1408

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 11am - 11pm

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