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Monday 19 March 2012

Neck Candy for a Good Cause

I am currently trying to curb my internet shopping habit.  Last year it got to the stage where my browsing history was a role call of online boutiques, the post boy knew my name and I had to start making elaborate excuses to my colleagues to explain away the latest brown box arriving at my desk.  This?  My contact lenses, its cheaper to buy them from the internet.  That?  Important law books.  Yes Amazon have started delivering in Net-a-Porter branded boxes to save geeks' blushes... 

So after a huge online binge during the January sales I decided that enough was enough and I've been pretty much on the wagon ever since (there was a little incident with a pair of Topshop shoe boots but that was a blip...).  My absolute achilles heel though, are the emails that I get sent announcing "what's new for me" and "an extra 40% off for 24 hours only".  It's getting towards the end of my work day, I'm tired, I just have the really boring, difficult tasks that I've put off all day left to do and I'm feeling like what I really, really need is chocolate but I'm really, really trying to resist.  And then ping, up pops a little envelope in the bottom right hand side of my screen from the Outnet.  Its just an email.  They just want to show me some new things that they've just got in.  And its calorie free.  Before I know what I'm doing, click, click, click, I'm scrolling through beautiful things that I really, really need and they're 60% off.  All I need to do is tap in my credit card number and they'll be mine.  In fact, I don't even need to tap in my credit card number because lovely Outnet have all my details saved and ready to go, quick tap, tap, tap of a password and my brand new, shiny, lovely things are being packed and labelled and popped on a plane whizzing towards Hong Kong.  


Once I've relapsed, why stop at the Outnet?  I may be missing some amazing pieces that have just landed on ASOS and it would probably be silly to not just see what's new at Shopbop.  It's a disease, I tell you.

And so my little blog buds, I thought it was only fair that you should share my pain.  Today the Outnet helpfully emailed to tell me all about some statement jewellery that's just arrived that's up to 70% off.  It was one minute to seven, I was seriously flagging, its like they knew...

Help me not cave by letting me shop vicariously through you.  Its basically charity work.  Come on, be a philanthropist...

Oscar de la Renta Art Deco Bib
Original price £270.83 NOW £148.96

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Original price £583.33 NOW £233.33 60% off

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Original price £209.60 NOW £104.80 50% off
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