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Wednesday 21 March 2012

Mice Advice : Work those Feet...

Work is dull! Forgive me if I'm wrong but I don't think many people love to work for somebody else, get up before 9am unless they are catching a flight (actually make that 10am) or work their arse off to prove they are worth more £££ (all to aid an ever growing shopping, eating and cocktail habit!).

However we all HAVE to do the above and, admit it, we would slightly miss bitching about no one replacing paper in the printer or people incessantly emailing as our time and words are just so damn precious!

Rant over...if we have to do all of the above, then why not do it looking Hot to Trot and essentially walk your way to a promotion! As Rebecca rightly asked...."Work Shoes...what to get and where to start....?"

The Mice Advice

First up...everyone needs a token pair of staple black boots in their wardrobe (work or not) and these suede beauties are spot on! The perfect 'work height' yet still edgy with the gold zip and banana heel. At £65 they won't break the bank and will leave some extra change to purchase some little lace / lurex socks to jazz them up at the weekend!

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These sexy snakeskin points are perfect to strut your way to success! River Island have ticked all the boxes here with a sensible heel height, work appropriate colour (which translates as easy to match with black and all things sensible), coming in at £75 and still managing to look on trend and hot! 

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If you mean serious business then I strongly advise some steel-toed footwear! I don't mean the policeman type but instead why not opt for some cute, suede kitten heels with a strong silver pointy toe cap - very Louis Vuitton.  Classy yet fierce....exactly how us Mice operate! Topshop trumps yet again with a lush pair coming in at £50...

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Finally I thought some Fashion Friday Footwear was in order...ok, I may work in the fashion industry and therefore the uniform policy (or lack of) is very slack but everyone has dress down Fridays don't they? If not then we all trot to the pub for post-work end of the week drinks surely? In my opinion that kind of passes for Work Shoes...! So I present you with...Jazzhands Glitter Peep Shoes! The mullet shoe, business at the front, party at the back!  Perfect height for running around the office all day and bang on trend with the quirky coral leather, all topped off with some FABULOUS gold glitter and only £60...

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